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NIU Chroma Shoot Portfolio


We all love something new and what better than Chroma Shoot Portfolio that is new in the market.

Chroma Shoot is a shoot that is done with a Green Chroma Backdrop that is later changed through VFX effects. This is a new and interesting technique that is very eye-widening with its different backdrops that can be changed. Every photo and video is important. We, at Video Tailor, believe that every photo and video is beautiful and should be glorified. So, here we are proud to show the Chroma Shoot Portfolio.

Here, we show you our Chroma Shoot Portfolio inclusive of only videos.


This video is a special video of ours, while celebrating, wishing, and welcoming the new year. This video was made with a green Chroma Backdrop that was later changed by our VFX Artist.

This famous advertisement was shot on a plain backdrop to add the other backdrop for it. 

This advertisement was shot on a plain Chroma backdrop so that the final product could be inclusive of all the details they wanted to portray in the ad.

This is a video showcasing the details about our website and gives a tour of how to use our website. This was shot on a Green Chroma Backdrop so that the different phases of our website could be easily shown in the video.

This is a video explaining about our company and its motto. The backdrop changes throughout the video with different details and photos that is made possible through Chroma and VFX effects.