Corporate Videos
NIU General Guidelines f


After the project is locked with our team with the advance amount, a list of team leaders will be assigned to you:

  • Marketing Team
  • Creative Director
  • Scriptwriter
  • Post Production Team
  • Accounts Manager

A dropbox/google drive folder will be shared with you for all the further communications and updates with our team.

Script Writer Guidelines:

If you are not satisfied with the script writer assigned to you, you are requested to convey the same to the creative director assigned to your project and needful action will be taken.

Model Selection:
One on one meeting with the model is not possible, but videos and pictures will be provided to make the selection.

Voice Over Selection:
As per your choice, n number of sample audios of lots of voice over artists will be shared with you until you are satisfied. You are required to choose 3 options. As per the availability of the voice over artist, in your given order of preference, voice over artist will be finalized. It takes 2-3 working days to get the voice over done. Script + Storyboard + Voice over needs to be finalized at least 5 days prior to the shoot.

Shooting Guidelines:

Shoot will be as per the storyboard. If some extra shots/pictures are needed, that will be taken after the pre decided storyboard shots are taken. You are also required to bring into our note prior to the shoot and not on the day of the shoot.
Lunch and Travelling expenses will be borne by the client, unless otherwise stated.
Make up of model is included in Magnific & above packages and not in Noble.
You are required to make all the prior arrangements for the shoot, so that the shoot is not delayed for any production lag.

Editing Guidelines:

  • You are always welcome to check the progress of your work through Teamviewer but sending the editor with all his editing system and hard disks is not practical. You are in turn more than welcome to visit our office any time, with a one day advance notice.
  • Our team will be sharing the first and subsequent video drafts with watermark until the final payment.
  • Two to maximum three round of changes are allowed in the video after the first draft is shared. So, you are requested to share all the changes in each round.
  • Please see, no response from the client for more than 4 weeks, will by default terminate the project and invoicing with project cancellation cost will be raised.

Other Terms and Conditions

Project Costs:

  • We reserve our rights to increase or decrease the Project’s Costs, where any details and particulars from the Proposal change.
  • We reserve our right to cease undertaking the Project if the instalment payment referred in performa invoice for the project is not made by you when required. You acknowledge that ‘time is of the essence’ when paying invoices under the Agreement, and we reserve the right to suspend work if any invoices are outstanding. If any invoice remains unpaid 30 days after the date it was due, we may charge you interest at the Cash Rate Target, as fixed by the Reserve Bank of India
  • Intellectual Property:We shall assign to you exclusive ownership and control over the Intellectual Property in the final completed versions of the Deliverables for the Project (Final Deliverables) upon payment by you in full of the Project Costs, and subject to the following conditions:

Cancellations and Terminations :

  • If you wish us to cease working on a Project, we will invoice you for our Services performed up to the date of termination with a cancellation fees of Rs 5000 or 5% of the project cost (whichever is higher), as well as any applicable expenses that we have incurred or are due to incur before the date of termination.
  • Without limiting any other term in this Agreement, if you delay the undertaking of the Project by two weeks (by, for example, not providing instructions, information or Client Materials we have requested from you), we may decide to cease working on a Project by providing written notice to you. If this occurs: a. We will invoice you for our Services performed up to the date of termination and a cancellation fee of Rs 5000 or 5% of the project cost (whichever is higher)

Credits and Promotion :

  • Unless you otherwise advise us in writing, we have the right to publish and communicate the Deliverables in our portfolio and marketing materials promotional and demonstrative purposes. “Written and Produced by Video Tailor ”, together with a copy of our current logo.
  • You agree that you will not attribute any third party as author of the Final Deliverables.