What Are the 8 Best Pre wedding Shoot Ideas – Videoailor

May 16, 2023
What Are the 8 Best Pre wedding Shoot Ideas - Videoailor

We bet one of the most exciting things for couples while preparing for their wedding is planning a pre-wedding shoot. Searching for apt locations, finalising a unique theme, and deciding on outfits with your beloved to get cute photographs that you could treasure forever. Sounds fun, right?

Every couple wants their pre-wedding shoot to be one-of-a-kind. They want their photographs to stand out from the rest. Here are some of the most unique themes and ideas you can opt for for your pre-wedding photo – shoot.

1. The mini you

No, we are not talking about babies here. Miniature photoshoots are one of the most unique trends in town these days. The photographer will transform you and your partner into miniature inhabitants of outsized worlds. Go with this unique idea to get some cute-goofy pictures for your pre-wedding album.

Video Tailor unique prewedding miniature
Video Tailor unique prewedding miniature
Video Tailor unique prewedding fitness

2. The fitness couple

Are you and your partner fitness freaks and like to go gymming together? If that is so, then what would be a better place than a gym to get your pre-wedding photoshoot done? Head to the gym, lift some weights, and at the same time, pose for your pre-wedding album.

3. The Bollywood couple

Want to fulfil your Bollywood fantasy through your pre-wedding photoshoot? Turn your photo session filmy altogether by recreating scenes or posters from your favourite movies. Try to include the same locations and props to add to the drama.

Video Tailor unique prewedding bollywood couple
Video Tailor unique prewedding water couple

4. The water couple

This theme has been in trend as well. If you both are water babies and want to add some adventure to your pre-wedding photographs, an underwater photoshoot should be your pick. You can either accomplish the shoot in a swimming pool or just go snorkelling!

5. Get things a bit spicy!

Not many people are comfortable displaying affection in front of the public. A sensual and steamy photoshoot might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But you will definitely get some beautiful eye-catching shots and a good time with your partner. Win-win!

Video Tailor unique prewedding intimate
Video Tailor unique prewedding intimate

6. The smoky effect

Smoke photography has been in style as well and could be incorporated into your pre-wedding photographs to make them one-of-a-kind. You just need good smoke sticks in different colours to create some spellbinding shots.

Video Tailor unique prewedding smoky effect
Video Tailor unique prewedding smoky effect
Video Tailor unique prewedding at home

7. At your home

Don’t wish to go out for your pre-wedding shoot? Fret not! You can get some equally cute photographs at your own house. Check out this article to know more about how to plan a pre-wedding shoot at your home.

8. With your girlfriends or boyfriends

We know pre-wedding shoots are about you and your partner. But a pre-wedding shoot with your friends? Well, why not! Go for this fun, extraordinary idea and add some amusing moments to your pre-wedding album. P.S. You can include your furry friends too!

Video Tailor unique prewedding girlfriends
Video Tailor unique prewedding boyfriends
Video Tailor unique prewedding quirky props

9. Quirky props

Make your pre-wedding photographs pop with some quirky props! You can add vintage vehicles, colourful scooters or rickshaws, DIY placards, announce the date placards, Mr and Mrs items and many more!

10. The art enthusiats

For artistic couples, if you find a cool graffiti wall, don’t think twice about incorporating it in your pre-wedding photographs. The beautiful colours and patterns will certainly make your pictures radiant and one-of-a-kind.

Video Tailor unique prewedding graffiti wall


Pre-wedding shoots are all about capturing the essence of the bond that you share with your partner. Every couple is unique. And hence, you can make your photographs offbeat by incorporating ideas and things that interest you the most.

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