Pre Wedding

Marriage is the beginning of a new life, family and deep-rooted commitment. There is always an expectation that it will be the happiest time in your life and when it’s not it can be disappointing as expectations and emotions are running high. When it comes to planning the big day, you shall speak to a lot of suppliers, caterers, florists,  pre wedding and wedding photographers, and the list goes on. Here, at Video Tailor we help you with great pre-wedding resources that will save your lots of effort and money.

Sometimes the biggest stress is not planning but concerns about your actual wedding day, worrying as the day won’t go as planned.

Wedding photography is one of the most essential part of a wedding ceremony. The Pre-wedding and wedding photography is what is left when everything else has been packed up and put away. It’s the pictures that will be looked at by generations to come.

We know that wedding preparation is full of fun stuff but weddings are expensive and there’s no getting away from the wedding budget.

Video Tailor is here to help you in making your wedding grand and memorable by completely eliminating the budget constraints with our transparent pricing policy.Our main objective is to make the couple look the best and capture all your sweet moments with perfection.

We appoint a creative director for every event. be it a pre-wedding shoot or wedding photography, Our experienced creative director helps our clients by brainstorming ideas like dress suggestions, different concepts, poses for the pre-wedding shoot and the songs to Played in the backdrop.

The creative director will be there present at the shoot location and will guide the couple in every sequence of the shoot.

After experimenting with different props we have selected some of the best props, which will make your photos/videos mesmerizing. We provide our clients with more than 20 props.

You must be thinking of the same ordinary props which are used in every shoot but this time we have come up with something better.Our props include guitar, champagne glasses, sky lanterns and many more. We shoot only in ultra HD.

We have taken care of the shooting locations as well as we have chosen the pre-wedding location aptly. You can choose from a variety of locations like,  Rishikesh, Udaivilas, Fairmont, Dubai, Singapore, Goa  and many more.