Top 5 Pop Culture Themed Pre Wedding

May 24, 2022

Do Not Miss Out On These Pop Culture Themed Ideas

Pop Culture Themed Pre Wedding trend has substantially strengthened overtime. The fuzz around Pre-Wedding is epic right now. It has imbibed scope for creativity and expressiveness for people who like to experiment with art and ideas, and even for the ones who like to stick to clichés, the prominence of Pre-Weddings is notable.


Brainstorming for Pre-Wedding concepts is never ending. The most recent and quirky trend in the concepts that has made a noteworthy remark is Pop culture themed Pre-Wedding. Pop-culture as the name suggests is the epitome of the popular culture prevailing all over. The name of this theme is profoundly appropriate to excite many. Pop Culture revolves around what we have loved and made popular enough to integrate its essential in our lives.


A Pop-culture themed Pre-Wedding will be the most sensational pick of the entire WEDDING. You are surely and entirely going to stand indifferent and above all the mainstream ideas of a Pre-Wedding Shoot.


If you are the one –

1) Who likes to turn their heads to you.

2) Who love the culture of POP-CULTURE.

3) Who is getting hitched anytime soon.


Video Tailor is here with 5 indifferent and exceptional Pop Culture Themed Pre-Wedding Ideas, for you to actually be the superhero and heroine of your wedding.



26 June 1997, the day the first Harry Potter got published to 12 April 2002 when a movie was adapted from the book; till today Harry Potter has grown to influence millions. Are you one of those few millions? Whose heart beats when you listen to Hogwarts? Harry? Magic Wand? Are you always intrigued about all the nits and grits of Harry Potter? Your heart knows the answer.

For a Harry Potter Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot you can choose the Harry Potter uniform for the outfit, or can totally go vintage with wrecked buildings as backdrops. Feel free to play with props in this entertaining shoot.


Do not forget to fly high with your other half over the broom, or shower love with red roses, with a magic wand. Wear long capes to make it more up to the theme and indifferent.


With this Harry Potter themed Pre-Wedding Shoot, the two of you can actually fulfill all the out of the box and unconventional fantasies with respect to Harry Potter. Isn’t this the moment to go over the board for your two loves – Him/Her and Harry Potter. Communicate with the person you have hired for your Pre-Wedding Shoot, and discuss this Pop culture themed Pre-Wedding Film you are willing to execute.


For instance Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta threw a Harry Potter Themed Pre-Wedding.



Couples are all-embracing the Pop culture themed Pre-Wedding Shoot with extensive intelligence, to fit their personalities. For all the couples intrigued by epic action can choose this Star Wars themed Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot.

Props are a way to enhance the Pre-Wedding. For the props, you can choose the famously popular lightsabers. These props does perfect justice to this Pop culture theme.


Most of the couples likes to dress up as Princess Leia and Han Solo for two main reasons. First has to be the enchanting love story of this couple. It is always the best option to represent an epic love story in your Pre-Wedding Shoot, it provides a sense of reputation and it is very promising. The uncommon and different outfits of the celebrity couple has to be the second reason why couples prefer to inculcate this in their Pre-Wedding Pictures.


If you are madly and badly obsessed with action figures, this is your turn to overtake your Pre-Wedding Shoot and insert all the madness you have contained within you.


Please note that this video is not produced by Video Tailor. It is only for reference purpose.



GOT has certainly warned us for weddings. But it has definitely created a fizz of outfits, backgrounds and theme goals. The most suited pop culture theme for a Pre-Wedding Shoot has to be the GOT theme.


The Iron Throne must be into the scenario to exhibit this theme perfectly. Posing around the throne with quirky outfits inspired from GOT, can do wonders to the shoot.


Recently, Video Tailor produced a GOT THEMED WEDDING INVITE.

Begin the adventurous shoot of your Pre-Wedding with this out of the box concept of GOT. If the two of you have spent time cuddling waiting for the next episode to release, and have binged watched seasons and found love. You shall not miss out on this theme.



With cherries on top and whiskey on the rocks, would you like to be my superhero forever? Aren’t you really each others super hero and heroine? Our childhood has always been seized with the superhero comics and tv series, it still works as the perfect temptation for us.

With this pop-culture theme for your Pre-Wedding Shoot, you can experiment with the outfits as much as you think you can. From Superman, Batman to Captain America, Wonder Woman, you can be any hero you wish yourself to be.


Play around with the poses to bring the most out of the capes and the outfits. Adapt more than one superhero if you wish to. You can also pick stories of superheroes to recreate them in your pictures.

Avengers themed Pre-Wedding Shoot will help you tickle the creativity and go beyond the mainstream concepts of a shoot.


Please note that this video is not produced by Video Tailor. It is only for reference purpose.


The James Bond themed Pre-Wedding Shoot is going to be the most outstanding choice of the couple for their pop culture theme. Committed, firm and resolute, aren’t these the synonyms that pops up with James Bond and doesn’t your love revolve around these synonyms?

Suits and three-pieces for your Pre-Wedding Outfits, the bride could also go for the long fitted black dresses to compliment the theme, if not suits.


This theme can bring out the intimacy hidden in the two of you, for a James Bond themed shoot you must pose to compliment the extreme intensity of love between the two of you.



Please note that this video is not produced by Video Tailor. It is only for reference purpose.


These were some excelling and trending Pop Culture Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas, that you can also practice for your wedding invites or can also implement in the theme of your entire Wedding. Video Tailor as a pioneer of ideas and advancements, offers such services to fulfill the customers wishes. After brainstorming trends and ideas, our team is always ready to implement as per the customer satisfaction.


If you also have out of the box dreams for your Wedding or Pre-Wedding, contact Video Tailor today.

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