Ideas for Corporate Video by Corporate Video Production Company, Video Tailor

May 24, 2022

About the corporate videos

Corporate video production companies tend to aspire the mass to indulge themselves in collecting what’s best for them. Some, corporate video production company prefer to read the information , while others tend to believe that seeing is believing. Targeted audience and the services to be rendered must be cleared beforehand to know the type of corporate videos we want to make i.e.( motivational, animation, employee based etc.).  Hence, corporate videos are a great platform to reach these people.  Majorly used as a brand promoter it not only inculcates the habit of following the advice but also builds trust.


Types of corporate video:

1) Motivational Corporate Video :

The word motivation has been derived from the word motive.  It is motivation that  aspires you to take action  in your life. A lot of people might think about where are they going in their lives ? To answer this , look at the world around you .See how ideas are born, and how could you make the difference.  Remove the view that this  can’t be done. The mobility of videos is  also a great plus to all  corporate video production companies seeking information through this source.


2) Animation based corporate or service promotion Videos:

These corporate video production company produce animated media. Animated media is produced when the company does not want it’s employees to advertise for their services .

A similar animated charterer is then created which speaks for the company and it’s services . It’s service promotion relies on how much people interact with us through social media and other platforms.


3) Shoot based Corporate Video:

Shoot based corporate video shows how an organization works with their employees along with the services they offer and there process management. They work with the customer specific vision and target the companies growth through customer satisfaction.


4) Services based corporate video in front of Chroma Screen with anchor:

You can record the video in  front of  an evenly lit solid bright green or blue background.  Just make sure that you do not wear the same colour attire as the background and also have nothing of that colour in the entire  shot other than the backdrop.

The colours green and blue have there own relevance while blue has the least visual importance , green is of much more use with television and single chip cameras.


5) Employee Oriented Corporate Video:

An employee oriented video is a spectacular way of experiencing growth turnover , and targeting the customer that is of utter most value .

Using a videography implies that a new employee gets to know the environment and  about the company much before he joins or wishes to join it. It not only builds the reputation of the firm but also maintains its courtesy.


6) Combination of shoot based and animated video:

A corporate video production company can target its market to the fullest , through producing the videos at first and then producing the look alike of that shoot through animations. Animations interact with people the same way a video does. From booking tickets online to registration of hotels animations explain everything.

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