Process of Making a Miniature Video

May 17, 2022

Shoot a Miniature Video


A thing that is much smaller than normal, especially a small replica or model.

Miniature Photography

We have heard about miniature photography, it is the newest in trends, every photographer has its own composition, The picture taker’s claim to fame is influencing couples to look like little figures living in a monster world.

Miniature Video

Creating a visual story with the help of moving visual images. It is an imaginary story created by the director in which the actors become a miniature human being who is living in this giant world.

Steps to make a miniature video

Creating Storyboard

Cinematographer creates a storyboard, which helps the actors and the camera person to work accordingly.

Storyboard is a series of pictures in sequence in order to pre-visualize the movie. It is a blueprint for the whole movie/video.


Storyboards are utilized as a part of making motion pictures, kid’s show and picture books to enable makers to know the activity successions.


The shooting plan isn’t finished until the point that the person decides how he will shoot every scene. As he creates his shot show, he will attach more components (indicated “exceptional gear”) he’ll requirement for the generation.


Create a Shot list

The shooting schedule is incomplete until the person determine what shot he/she needs to take.

As you create the shot show, you attach more components (signified “unique gear”) you’ll requirement for the generation. In this shot list,  equipment that is required in the shot is mentioned.

Shooting schedule is incomplete until the person determine what shot he/she needs to take


The director needs to show the actors too small in the normal world. It is done with the help of computer generated special effects. Shooting before a green screen to differentiate the performing artists from what visuals will be included later.

The making of films in chroma foundation is extremely basic these days. Normally green shading foundation is utilized for chroma shot. Since picture sensors in advanced camcorders are most delicate to green.

Green screen recordings can look impressive and can help any video that you deliver emerge from the group –  better drew in watchers and expanded the potential for enhanced deals boosting your benefits. Recordings are wherever nowadays and the exact opposite thing you need to do is to invest in energy making an extremely normal video which accomplishes nothing.

Lighting Should Be Flawless

There is no right approach to use lighting technique. A scene could be lit a few diverse routes by various cinematographers, each changing the mood and generally speaking effect of the picture. Though, there is a fundamental rundown of the lighting situation.

During the shoot in chroma, lighting on the subject should be similar to the scene where the subject needs to be put in. The light should soft, the excessive light will lead to the subject’s skin burn.


Sharp Depth of field

The area which is in sharp focus is said to be a depth of field. One of the major problems that is faced while shooting any miniature concept is the depth of field in the frame. The miniature subject should look focused, therefore the sharp depth of field is required.

When the camera is closer to the subject, the focus area becomes narrow, here the camera person gets constrained about the area.

Post Processing

After the shooting process, all the shots come to the post-processing desk. It is the most essential step of the process. A copy of the storyboard is provided to the editor, with the help of that he makes the final video. The background sound is added to the video, it could be music or sound effects.

The chroma key green area is removed from the shot and the subjects are transformed to a miniature and placed to the frame. Color correction of the miniature subject is done as per the requirement of the scene. With the help of tracking, movement of a subject is done. The editor then combines the same angle shots, creates the sequence. Then finally video is exported and presented to the client.

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