Extraordinary Wedding Invitation Ideas Every Girl Should Know

May 21, 2022

Wedding Invitation Ideas Every Girl Should Know

Wedding is one of the most important day in each and everyone’s life and people do lots of preparations for their weddings and try to make their wedding day best in every possible ways from photography, performances, dresses and the wedding invitations. All of this, makes the couple and their families happy when they see those memorable moments after years. Everything is pre-planned for wedding, so the first choice of yours should be the Wedding invitations that you are going to send to the guests and your friends. You will get the best Wedding Invitation Ideas in this blog.


People try making their wedding cards perfect in every ways, not only to make their wedding invites impressive but to let everyone know that their wedding is unique. For formal wedding invitations, you can also attract your invites with colorful fonts or metallic fonts, calligraphy, using painting colors etc. You can also add quotes on your wedding cards, adding lines for the guests is an interesting idea. Here are some peculiar Wedding Invitation Ideas Every Girl Should Know….


Astonishing Wedding Invitation Ideas

1. Digital Wedding Invitation

Video Tailor will help you in making a perfect wedding invite video which you can share with all your friends on WhatsApp and even on other social networking sites such as on Facebook, Instagram and so on. This will save your time and cost that you would have to spent in distributing your wedding cards.

2. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle is a great idea of sending wedding invitation to the guests and friends. It will look very innovative and attractive and these kinds of invitations draws everyone’s attention to your wedding. You can attach a card with the bottle and message inside the bottle. The message should have nice lines and the all details about your wedding. Adding other details would be a great idea.

3. Invitation inside a Box

Wedding Invitation inside a box is like putting the invite with messages inside boxes with quotes and words for guests and friends. The shape of the box can vary, it can be of any size. You can invite using more than one box or putting one box into another. The message in every box should be unique and inviting. You can also go for Dangling Box Wedding Invitation Ideas, it can have multiple messages swinging around whenever someone opens the box.

4. Personalised Stamps

A personalized stamp is a postage stamp, with an adjoining label, on which an image and/or text of the couple’s choice is placed. These stamps are ones that makes your wedding invitation’s look more addressing. You can get the stamps of your choice or to make your card more better, use the words on the stamps that convey some meaning.

5. Laser Cut Papers

Laser cut invitations are the precise designs made by cutting the paper in different ways. It is dazzling in many ways and it is one of the unique Wedding Invitation Ideas. Normally people don’t bother about how good their wedding cards look. It is a great idea to wow your guests and friends. Laser cut invitations can be made from a variety of materials, like paper, wood, acrylic etc.

6. Handkerchiefs

If you want your wedding invitations to be remembered by your friend and family, then try this idea. The Handkerchief wedding invitation are not only invitation cards but its like a gift too that is usable. Print all the wedding details on the handkerchief and make it new for your guests. Give your guests an invite that they will not only remember, but be able to use it everyday. These invitations are printed on handkerchiefs and are more fun way of inviting the guests.

7. Card with Chocolates

It is nice to send some sweets with the wedding invitation. Choosing chocolates instead of sweets as a majority of people like chocolates. Attaching chocolate with the invitation card will give your invitation card a better look. You can also wrap the chocolate as a wedding invitation card. Try a yummy bar of chocolate that holds the wedding details on the wrapper.

8. Paper Record Player

It is ideal for the couples and guests who are fond of music. In paper record player, bit of paper is folded with a record player. When guest spin the paper, record player starts playing the song that is written and sung by the couples. Isn’t it interesting…. You can even record your wedding details in that recorder.

9. Scratch It Off

Scratch it off is one of the interesting way of sending invites. People take more interest when they have to guess something. So let your friends and guest guess the date of your wedding by scratching the wedding date area. This option can be added to the date portion, venue part or others. When others will see your card, they will become more excited to firstly scratch it off and then to attend your wedding.

10. Message Inside Balloons

Message inside a balloon or message on the balloons are the great ideas. If you want something that someone haven’t done before and you want your guests to be wow’d, send them a balloon with all the details of your wedding day. You can either put the messages inside the balloon or write the details on the balloon. Another idea would be using different color balloons and sending more than one balloon would be a perfect idea.

11. Little flowchart Inside Reel

Film Strip Invitations are a great idea and would be a super cute and interesting addition to your wedding and your invitations. Imagine your guests and friends faces when they get the invite in such a different way. Flowchart inside a film reel looks is like putting the messages inside the reel and make it look like a real film reel. You can add a short lists of the details of your wedding in the film strip.

These invites are probably best for every event like an engagement party or bridal shower or a wedding invite. Follow these innovative ideas for the perfect wedding invites and you will surely love them.

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