Miniature Photography Tips – Be LARGER than life

May 14, 2022

Miniature Photography Tips – Be LARGER Than Life

With the ever growing craze for Out of the Box Photos and Larger than life pictures, there is not a lot left in photography that has not already done in the sector. A technique that still is relatively new and has the potential to give you something fresh is MINIATURE PHOTOGRAPHY . Here are some miniature photography tips that will give you the basic know how about the technique.


Miniature Photography  taps the concept of focusing on the object and putting it in between a background that is not in proportion with the objects that are in focus. The objects appear doll sized in relation to the background.


Either giving your Instagram followers something new or Putting a new taste on your Pre- Wedding Photo-shoot , Miniature Photography is something fresh and although you are scaled down to doll size figures , The photo leaves an impact larger than any one would expect.

How to Shoot Miniature Photos –

Looking at the finished product one is left gaping that miniature photography would be a herculean task. Although the end product is a level apart, the process is albeit a simple one.


The minimum requirement for the process is the object – needed to be miniaturized, a background that fancies us and some basic Photoshop techniques.


Here are some Miniature Photography Tips explained in a concise manner


This Miniature Photo at a glance looks something that would have required a lot of work and a novice viewer will be awestruck by the concept, it looks something too complex to be created easily but a detailed look at the process demystifies the herculean task and gives a simple explanation about this masterpiece




We shot the subject in front of a green screen at our studio and did prior ideation on the kind of poses we want to create in our image.


Besides using a green screen or an indoor setting, the object can be shot in an outdoor setting or anywhere that is ideated beforehand. It’s Important to have a clear vision about the final product before you set out to create/recreate a miniaturized photo. The object should be shot keeping in mind the background which should be then combined in a manner that it blends in all together giving a natural kind of look.


With some basic Photoshop Techniques we manipulate the images and combine them to produce the final product. Layer by layer we create our final product.


The post processing work involves cutting the object from the original picture and setting it up on the background that we have to use in our Portrait.


To give it a more real look we can add shadow effects and other small nuances that can sharpen the overall image.


Apart from the basic process some miniature photography tips that you should keep in mind

  • Lighting, Shadow and angle from which the Shoot is done makes a huge difference in creating a good Miniature Photo and a subpar photo.
  • The Back ground if is not virtual then should be in almost the same lighting as the object, that is, if your object is shot in natural light in the open and you want a real background the back ground should also be in the same natural light setting.
  • The angle of the object and the back ground should be complementing each other.
  • lighting miniature photography
  • The key is to remember to always keep your light sources and your camera’s point of view consistent.
  • Each image created requires fresh ideation about the poses and what all touch ups would be required in the post processing. We need to customize the effects used in every image to produce the best final image possible from the combination of the two.

Seems Easy Enough ?

Reading about things and actually doing it are two different things altogether. Unless you are a very enthusiastic photographer with a lot of free time on your hand, recreating the photos shown above isn’t that rewarding. There’ll be a lot of effort required and in all you won’t be able to render perfect master pieces in your first tries.


So what if, the concept fascinates you and you want to get GULLIVER sized for your Pre- Wedding shoot but you don’t have enough time to learn Photo shop with all the other things that are pending on your TO – DO wedding list.


Well we at Video Tailor provide Miniaturizing Services and can fulfill your dream of getting a miniature pre wedding shoot. Just walk in to our office and we could get you inches tall in no time.




Hope these miniature photography tips helped you in getting a basic idea about the concept and fascinated you enough to try out the technique and get some doll-sized miniaturized photos for yourself. Just like any other great photo techniques, it requires some effort to be done. But, don’t let the hard work required deter you from getting good miniaturized photos of you and your loved ones. A pre-wedding photoshoot comprising of miniaturized photos would definitely stand out amidst regular photos. Think about how you want to keep your pre-wedding romance eternal. How you want to capture the chemistry you share with your would be spouse and make it ever-lasting.

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