Maternity Shoot: Video Tailor

May 27, 2022

Maternity Shoot: Video Tailor

Maternity shoots are an essential facet of a couple’s life since they mark the beginning of some beautiful changes and achievements. Indeed, the couple, especially the mother to be, goes through several changes that need to be celebrated, documented, and saved over time.

As photographers, we think about venue, season, and comfort to bring out the best from the shoot for your anticipated ones to see. So, in order to have the most spellbinding experience and product, a range of factors must be considered, such as :



The period during which the shoot must begin is the most crucial factor to be considered whilst proving its point. Some couples, particularly those who are pregnant for the first time, are overly eager and opt for an early photoshoot. However, if not much of a bump is visible, then the results are not as rewarding. As a result of which, we recommend the couple to plan the shoot in the initial phase of the last trimester or just before 35 weeks.



Since the shoot is not about fashion, fashion is not the priority either. Still, the issue of attire, on the other hand, certainly revolves around the pair. Even though comfort still remains our priority, we don’t force the couple over attires. However, we usually advise the mother to be to wear something clingy to show off the bump, and if it is windy, a flowry dress to capture the wind-facing bump.



Regardless of how lavish or simple the photoshoot is, the mother to be’s comfort must always come first. As a result, we strive to form a strong communication bond with the couple in order to ensure the best location and timings in the possibility to lessen any discomfort. The place and timings are thus based upon mother to be’s rest and mealtimes, in particular.

The location usually doesn’t create much of an issue, outdoor parks, studio, or a road can serve a beautiful purpose.


Moving on, let us bring some ideas and inspirations on board to add some spark to your maternity photoshoot!



So, how about you have a picture with a message of “we are expecting” without mentioning the message? Without writing or uttering a single letter, the image depicts a 1,000 words plot.


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Props, where you at?

If you don’t want the photoshoot to be solely about your belly, adding a variety of props to your shoot is a great idea! Balloons, bows, candles, or soft toys may all be used. Also, with all these props, you get to introduce your lively side to your anticipated newbie.


Belly Silhouette

Mama’s swollen belly is portrayed in silhouette, backed by a setting sun or source of light, is a classic pregnancy shot. These silhouettes demonstrate how amazing a woman’s body is and how capable it is of bringing new life into the world.


Flower Fantasy

Flowers are a well-known sign of a better beginning, and they’ll add a pop of colour to your maternity photo shoot. There are several ways to integrate your favourite blooms into your shoot, whether it’s a single, long-stemmed rose or a floral crown.


Nature as a Frame

Incorporating a frame inside a frame is a perfect way to give your natural maternity images more dimension and depth.


As you can see in the image, the frame does not seem to be obvious to have an impact on the image; just a hint of a field in the foreground is enough to give more detail about the scene’s depth.

Us & We

Whereas making eye contact mostly with a lens can feel informal and sometimes even intrusive, looking at each other or making a gesture towards each other can help you build a photograph that shows the connection between an awaiting mother and her family.


Mommy & Dadda just being themselves!

It’s always fun to be yourself in front of the camera in order to add authenticity and purity to the emotions. Imagine the viewers, or even your own little one, looking at the parents in years to come, celebrating the impending arrival of new beginnings!


Cheers to the new beginnings!

We, at Video Tailor, are delighted to be a part of your joy at every stage of your life, whether it’s an engagement, pre-wedding, wedding, maternity, or baby shoot. It’s past time for you to start celebrating and capturing the moments that are supposed to be saved and enjoyed in perpetuity!

Hoping to see you at the time of celebration soon!

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