Best Pre Wedding Shoots This Year

May 27, 2022

Best Pre Wedding Shoots This Year

Pre-wedding shoots have a special place in our hearts and one of the favorites for all the reasons. Whenever you think of a wedding, a scenario of blissful sangeet and people in lovely attires come into the mind. All the functions at a wedding are so enjoyable. The basic ceremonies of a wedding are the haldi ceremony, sangeet, mehendi ceremony and reception but one more thing that is really exciting nowadays in every wedding is a pre-wedding shoot.


Couples are going crazy about the pre-wedding shoots and are moving out at exotic places and searching for unique, exciting themes for their pre-wedding shoot.


Dressing up in their best outfits, falling in the romance and having a hangover of their love, couples are making their pre-wedding shoot more memorable. It’s a time that the to-be-wed couples dedicate to each other. Their feelings are captured in a frame which is really beautiful as they can relish those precious moments for their whole life and fall in love all over again.


Let’s take a dive into the stunning pre-wedding shoots we have covered this year.



Rishikesh being one of the most romantic pre-wedding locations for couples. It has set its own benchmark. The Holy River and mountains set the perfect scenery not only for the couples to pose romantically, experience the love and drop into the atmosphere. Celebrate the love in nature’s lap and explore the madness and romance between you and your partner. The beach-like bank amidst the high mountain looks fascinating and eye-catching in every environment.

Rishikesh also offers very popular bridges, Lakshaman Jhula and Ram Jhula which is known for its scenic view. The sight will give a relaxing experience and peaceful atmosphere. The spirituality and purity of the place will give a magnificent look to your pictures. This location is a huge tourist attraction and its natural, pleasing beauty of mountains gives you stunning moments to capture.



Every couple has dreamed of a destination pre-wedding shoot right ??


A favorite destination among-st tourists, Dubai proved to be a gorgeous location for our couple. The brilliant blue sea waves and warm desert winds provided stunning backdrops to the shoot captured recently.

Dubai’s elegant picturesque shown through the shots. The couple’s loving bond was captured against every facet of the city, from the sprawling desert to the attracting cityscape. Backdrops of the ideal Burj Khalifa, Atlantis The Palm, luxury cars and stunningly framed their moments. The subtle colors of the couple’s attires creates a compelling contrast with the architectural beauty of the city’s iconic landmarks.


There is so much to do in Dubai like you can also shoot in the car, with different props, any location near to the waterside. It has romantic places to visit and Dubai might be a perfect place for pre-wedding.


Be it a typical old-school romance photos or fun, edgy theme photo shoots are drenched in love and are simply heartwarming. Digging for pre-weddings is our guilty pleasure and we are always making sure to get you the best of them.


The dramatic view of pre-wedding shoots is its music. Your dazzling shot is totally incomplete without an ideal music. Selecting a perfect song for your  pre-wedding shoot is actually a tricky task.


Let’s have a look on the trending themes for pre-wedding shoots.



Lip Singing And The Song Recreated Version

Pleasing beauty, heartfelt music and pouring emotions are some of the elements which lead to perfect pre-wedding videos. Capturing the essence of your relationship, these videos select breath-taking sceneries and add a perfect tune in order to narrate your love story. You can further look for different themes, music and destinations that reflect your relationship and your personality.

Want to add a twist to the Bollywood lip syncs?


Let’s recreate your favorite song’s video by adding your own flare to it.

Take the vision from the venue, props, outfits and the theme that surround the song.


Here are some lovely videos that we have shot recently and captured the best moments of the couples for lifetime.


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