Lockdown Wedding Whats App Video Invitation

May 27, 2022

“A new day, a new life together; Come for the Cake and Stay For the Vows!”

Wow, what a beautiful way to communicate a wedding invite? Your wedding invitation is an announcement requesting your loved ones to join in the wedding function. It is considered as a heartfelt rendition of your love, feelings and intention to invite someone to your most important event in life. Therefore, with a purpose to convey the love for the person whom your inviting should be appropriately articulated.


But today, we are all living and passing through a very exceptional time. The pandemic ( COVID 19) has hit us hard. Our people and society all are so agonised with the arrival of the COVID second wave. All are hoping and praying that the current lockdown will be over in the next month, although the semi lockdown will continue for few more months to come for our safety.


The semi lockdown status obviously affects our regular lifestyle and celebration, especially the festivals and wedding ceremonies. But, it’s OK because staying safe and alive is the priority for all, and we will have to adjust to this new reality . We will have no other choice than to cut down on our big fat wedding and focus on the intimate wedding affair. Maybe there would be some disappointment in certain quarters, but do we have any other choice. The answer is a BIG NO.


“Making the best use of wedding invitation and celebration today”

Gone are the days of the paper invitation card. Visiting every Guest to inform them about the wedding date with an invite is no longer feasible and even practised during the pandemic. So you got to think of paperless invite and going digital. What’s App Video invitation would be pretty apt and practical in the current circumstances.


A well-articulated but short video with sweet and meaningful scripts, images, voice-over with music and special effect that convey your most profound feeling will do good. A well-directed video can be not only creative but evoke a myriad of emotions in the recipients. And trust me, it does not cost a bomb. So get prepared for a What’s App invite if your wedding date is finalized. Source the right professional and send the “Save the date Cards” without delay.


What’s APP Wedding Video Invitation – Take Professional Help

Your wedding invitation is the exciting most invite you give to your loved ones. Its colour,  style,  images, audio and special effect, help you start to tell your wedding story.


Video tailor – leading wedding photographers specialize in classic video wedding cards customized for the occasion.    Your video invite will let you connect with your guests and give them the info they need in a fun, personal way.


Video tailor provides 25 plus varied theme video (appropriate for the wedding style and type) including Maharaja style, Bio-scope theme, lantern theme Save the date video, Dhol Dhamaka and Cricket theme, to name a few. Feel free to check out the wonderful gallery depicting 25 plus different theme by visiting https://www.videotailor.com/video/all-wedding-invitation-videos/


You may call our office no: 011-41440324, +91.9999180725 or cell no 91.9582524870 and have a one to one chat with our customer rep to design your whats app video invitation card.

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