Big Fat Indian Wedding Or A Small Intimate Wedding

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event in our Indian culture, and it’s an exceptional occasion for you and your family. It becomes more memorable, eventful and showy with all the colour and grandeur.  Traditional Indian wedding means happiness and festivity all around ( be in your family, friend circle or even in the neighbourhood).

Big fat Indian weddings are a symbol of their own, it’s an iconic event that happens in India and makes headlines at times. The glitter and the shine of the event typically include the complete floral decoration of your villa with twinkling lights and chandelier, series of lavish parties in a farmhouse or five-star hotels, expensive cars all around, starry nights, fireworks display on the arrival of “baratis” and festivity all around. Although the times have changed, a substantial percentage of millennials in new India celebrate their wedding in the same tradition and spirits.

1. Big Fat Wedding Or Intimate Wedding affair – Changing Perception in Indian society.

We are famous for big fat weddings that usually last for at least a week because it is in our culture. A spread of different cuisines to gorge on, latest fashion trends and dresses, photographers in every nook and corner, and curious relatives gossiping are, of course, super fun. But then there are plenty of new generation couples saying a BIG NO  to a lavish wedding that costs tons of money. 

Today Indian society is divided on the subject. At the same time, many couples prefer a showy big fat wedding, but a certain percentage of enlightened youngsters feel that spending a whopping amount on a wedding ceremony is not a great idea. They prefer to go in for a personalised, small intimate wedding event. Different people have different opinions and perspectives on the wedding ceremony today.

2. Big Fat Or Intimate Wedding: Which One You Should Go For?

If you are struggling with the idea of throwing a smaller party or going for an all-out bash, knowing the difference between the two events might help you to pick up the one that is right for you. Let us look at the challenges you face and overcome them with a pragmatic decision. After all, it is your big day and comes once in a lifetime ( barring a few)

indian wedding shoot wedding photography video tailor
indian wedding shoot wedding photography video tailor

3. If Personalisation Matters, Go For Intimate

An intimate party allows you to interact with each guest and have customised hospitality extended, depending upon their food choices. It is more like throwing a private dinner to your close friends with enough caring and attention to each couple. 

Creating an entirely personal setup for your big day event is a great way to showcase the intimacy of your private guest list. With a limited guest list, you can be more creative with chair setups, ceremony décor, and personal escorting within the venue; remember the small details when planning an intimate wedding. In addition, your guests will be able to appreciate the finer points of your day. For example, you may use multiple vases with a delicate flower arrangement on each table and that will not go unnoticed when working with more intimate table decoration.

small indian wedding wedding photography video tailor
small indian wedding wedding photography video tailor

4. Extensive RSVP Lists, Showy Design Options – Go For The Grand

The more extensive your guest invitation list, the larger the footprint you would need to host your wedding, which may require more prominent space. Guests love to have free flow through the more central area, enjoying access to beautiful bars, various culinary counters, separate seating with different size tables, heights, exciting entertainment shows, and cosy lounge vignettes.

Hosting a big fat wedding opens you up to limitless design options. With a bigger guest count, there are more possibilities to structure creations ( replicating temples and famous monuments ), classic table layouts, and over-the-top design details. The entire venue reflects the look, touch, and feel of a royal wedding. If you have the money, passion and taste, go for it. There is nothing wrong with it as it is a once in a lifetime celebration.

indian wedding shoot wedding photography video tailor
indian wedding shoot wedding photography video tailor

5. Intimate Party or a Big Fat Wedding – Do Capture the golden moments.

There is an old saying that memories never fade provided you capture the golden moments of your lifetime event – your wedding ceremony. Once you are back from the honeymoon, all your relatives, friends or colleagues will repeatedly talk about the great party of your big day, and you can show them certain interesting moments /clips stored on your smartphone. At Video tailor, the best wedding photographers in Delhi help you preserve your big day through world-class photography and video. So please feel free to visit our site and have a chat with our core team members Whether it is a big fat wedding or an intimate wedding ceremony, or a pre wedding shoot, we will give you an album that will inspire you lifelong.

indian wedding shoot wedding photography video tailor
small indian wedding wedding photography video tailor


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