Let’s celebrate your Togetherness in your Gift of Love

May 25, 2022

Capture your Love this Valentine’s Day and seize it for a Lifetime with a Gift of Love


“If you are her world, tell her that she is your home.”


For your gift of love, If a picture can tell your lover how much you love them, unimaginable is how much a video can convey? This calls for a unique gift of love that’s beyond this materialistic world.

Video Tailor understands what you desire for your partner so we give you the best reason to choose us for you Best Love Gift. Unlike others, we also understand your situation behind giving that gift.


So we always try to provide an edge over others in choosing because we are :

Expressive Gift Video:


Unlike a simple gift, which hardly conveys anything, a Valentine’s gift video gives you an open platform to carry it in whatever direction you want to. It provides an open space where you can add all your photos, videos, messages etc. which you want to, and culminate a final video that shows so much more than anything else could. It also can be used to show the journey of the two lovers, and how far they have come, and accompanied by a beautifully fitting soundtrack, it leaves the audience teary-eyed or with countless smiles, and Video Tailor inspires to do just that.


Cost Effective:

Unlike buying a really expensive gift and worrying about the money, you can easily invest in a simple or advanced gift video which will, undoubtedly, be easier to do and also cheaper to afford.

It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will still tell your partner about your serious affection for them. Video Tailor understands your needs and your budget, and after working their magic, provides you with the Best Love Gift video which is affordable and satisfying.


Easy to Do:

A gift video will not make you run shop to shop, having you waste hundreds of hours and money to find the “perfect” thing, which never really seems like a perfect gift, and is more like a gift you settle on because you couldn’t find anything else.

Video Tailor does not and will not waste your time like that. We understand the preciousness of your time, and aim to never waste one second of it. All you have to do it tell us the basic requirements and provide us with your content, and you can trustingly leave the rest of the job on us. You won’t be disappointed!


Why making your video from Video Tailor is the best option?

  • Choose among the wide variety of options with Video Tailor that includes, providing various different themes and settings that skillfully narrate the unique love story.
  • We are experts in understanding and creating a unique video for every customer, since every love has its own tale to narrate through their Gift of Love.
  • Molding the video to match the set expectations and to make sure that it truly tells the true feelings in their Gift of Love.
  • A video, within a minute or two, tells allot, and Video Tailor is extremely skilled at being brief and yet including every important aspect about your love and your Valentine’s day gift.
  • We provide the customers with various animation and non-animation options, through which they get to pick their Best love themes.
  • We include various personal pictures of the couple, reciting their journey with soft and soothing music in the background to accompany the story and to create an overall valentine’s day video which is heart-rendering and beautiful, to say the least.


This Valentine’s Day do not stress yourself over what to gift your partner that truly appreciates them for all that they have done for you.  Video Tailor truly understands that your love is special and we help you convey your feelings through an elegant yet heartfelt Video as a Valentine’s Day gift.


The simple animation is romantic with a tinge of cuteness, to show your partner that you are head over heels to have them. It also is a quick and simple valentine’s gift that still holds the sincerity which no store-bought gift for Valentine’s Day can afford. The combination of subtle themes, colour combinations, music, and intimate collection of photos  results into something that is beautiful, simple, and heart-warming in whole. We string together the photos in the chronological order, with added texts and quotations in the backgrounds and corners to complement the mood.

We aim to create a beautiful and moving video, which truly tells the narrative of a couple deeply in love. It is a perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day to relish your togetherness. You may never truly be able to tell your partner how much you love them, but these videos that we create as gifts for your Valentine’s Day comes very close in conveying so.


Let’s celebrate your Love !

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