How to Plan Your Pre-Wedding Shoot?

May 15, 2022

Things To Do For A Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot

There are a lot of factors that are responsible for making a pre-wedding shoot a success. It is a make or break kind of a situation.  A guide to plan a pre-wedding shoot includes in which order what must be done in order to avoid complexities and be stress-free on your important day.


Follow The Following Steps And Plan Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Find A Suitable Place and Book It

The first and foremost thing to do is to find a perfect place for your shoot. It depends on the couple what kind of a place are they comfortable to shoot in. This is the time to sit down and go through a list of places and shortlist your choices.


From a range of imitated places like picture destination, Pix’o’city, picturegarh, the shooting village etc to natural locations like Lodhi garden, Palaces and forts in Jaipur, Sambhar lake or the hilly areas or any local market, street or the garden near your house, there is a lot to choose from.


It is best if you know where you both are going to be comfortable to shoot in. If you are more of a nature person and want some adventures then surely choose a natural pre-wedding location. But if you want everything to be in one place, all the locations from a European street to a devastated house then an imitated pre-wedding location is the best for you.


After choosing your dream location for your perfect shoot, check its availability and book the place in advance accordingly. Do not wait till the end, get your bookings done beforehand because these places are in huge demand. Make sure that you get hold of the destination you are aiming for.

Find Your Shutterbug

The person who is going to be bringing your dream photographs to reality has to be the one you can trust and be open with. It is important to find a photographer who is well equipped. There are a lot of photographers out there whose work you can go through and select the one in your budget. Do not take the decision in haste. Sit down and talk to them and understand if they can or cannot convert your poses into real lifelike pictures.


Try to book your photographer in advance and take a follow up as the day comes closer. Also, make sure that you have an in-depth discussion with them about how you want your pictures to look like. Listen to their suggestions and try to tell them how you like to pose and what kind of experimental pictures you want to get clicked.


The Make-up Artist

The one person who is going to enhance the looks of both the bride and the groom needs to be professional. A professional makeup artist will always make sure that they deliver what you want. They will try to understand your needs and will do things accordingly. Pre-wedding shoots do not require any heavy makeups and hairstyles. Keeping it subtle and real is the main objective. So give a heads up to your makeup artist about the hairstyle and makeup you will want according to your outfits, so that they are prepared for the day.

Prepare Your Dresses

Ohh! The best part of the entire planning procedure is to decide what to wear for yourself and your man. A lot of shopping, trials and fun awaits you. Look the best with your handpicked outfits and accessories. Be ready with your outfits’ at least two weeks before the day so that there are no end time fittings. Plan your outfits in a way that you can color coordinate your attires or wear same tees. The location that you choose will majorly give you a hint of the type of outfits required, so they must be selected in a manner that they suit the entire theme.

Choose Your Props

Once your outfits are chosen it is time to decide on what all props you will be choosing for the photographs and also the video. With the background, theme and the outfits in mind you will be able to choose your props easily. All these things do matter because the props must also coordinate with the vibe of the entire shot. Some of the ideas for the props can be balloons, color pops or the diamond ring. A lot of options are available; you just need to find the best ones to suit your entire photo shoot and video shoot.


Take Care Of Yourself

It is not just the makeup artists who will make you look good. The real glow on your face will come only when you take care of yourself and your body. Start taking precautions from at least a month before preferably, but if not then you can also carry on with these simple remedies a week before the day.


  • Sleep well

The first thing is to maintain a good sleep pattern. Beauty sleep can actually make you glow in your pre-wedding pictures. So ditch your old routine and get at least 8 hours of sleep daily so that your eyes don’t look tired on the final day.


  • Water! Water! Water!

Another most important thing is to hydrate yourself. Set reminders if you forget to drink water. Water nourishes your skin. It removes all the toxins and gives you a clear skin. So do not forget to keep a water bottle with you.


  • Eat well!

Eat well! By that we do not mean that you need to go a very stringent diet. Just avoid junk food for the time being and eat healthy things. Fruits and vegetables must be included in your whole schedule. It is one of the most important things to keep bloating away and will help you fit well in your dresses.

These three tips are the most important if you want to look flawless on your pre-wedding and wedding day. The part that facials and makeups play is quite small. What you eat will majorly affect your whole body.


Follow all these steps in the order to make sure you get everything prepared for your favorite day. Be well prepared for your day so that there are no problems on the day of the shoot.


It is important to do the booking a lot before, so that there are no last minute cancellations. Once all the bookings are done and all the major decisions are taken focus on yourself and each other. Comprehend well of how you want the shoot, what kind of poses you want etc.


With all the excitement and craziness get your shoot done. Be yourself and the most realistic pictures can be taken.

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