A Pre Wedding Shoot at Mount Abu

May 15, 2022

Pre Wedding Shoot at Desert King’s Royal Residence-MOUNT ABU

Labeled as the only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu puts up in the Aravalli Ranges towards Sirohi district Rajasthan and even connects itself almost to the border of Gujarat. Being close to the border of Gujarat it provides us with a wide range variety of handloom works, textile, and artifacts. This hill station of  Rajasthan showcasing its beauty and charm is perfect for the Pre Wedding Shoot at Mount Abu.


In the field of tons of sand everywhere, Mount Abu can be referred as a drop of water in the midst of trust. It is home to many visitors and tourists at the time of summer.


Mount Abu is referred to as Shimla of the deserted Rajasthan. During summer seasons people plan out their vacations along with family and couple tour their trip to enjoy the beauty of the place, experience better else than the exotic summer and pleasure some romance in the loveable climate. It is the perfect site  where in you can have the best  Pre Wedding Shoot At Mount Abu.


Mount Abu, wraps in many attractive and sightseeing locations within and around itself. It’s basically famous for the Dilwara Jain Temple, which itself is famous for the five marble carving temples. Its fort and palaces are gems that route a map to the history of its establishment and all the sunset points make couple enjoy the view with their better half. Moreover, the headquarters of Brahma Kumari is in Mount Abu, which is all about believes that goodness is incarnated by God and every soul individual is blessed by this.


The place is definitely a photo-centric one and it’s best to enjoy and experience the Indian royalty with all kinds of dress up and food bites, but do remember some do’s and dont’s of the pre wedding location as every location restricts few things. The notes will provide you with the camera use and the chargeable things.



The Dilwara Jain temple has 5 temples which all are famous for marvel carved designing and this temple is said to be the sacred pilgrimage place for the Jains. These Jain temples were built by Vimal Shah and their designing were all led by Vastupal-Tejpal. The temple location lies in the midst of the forested hills and is surrounded by hill wall boundaries. The Dilwara Jain temple sets an example of the architectural perfection.

Being a worship place, it provides the best facilities to serve with full faith and seek blessings all before you knot up together.

All the 5 Jain temples of this Dilwara temple are famously named and hold some unique identity. The names of the five temples are as follows:


  • First- Vimal Vasahi
  • Second- Luna Vasahi
  • Third- Pithalhar
  • Fourth- Parshvanath
  • Fifth- Mahavir Swami

This location sets an awesome view in the context of photo-centric and photogenic shoots. The ornament-incarnated walls and interiors of the temple add up best beauty to the frame.

Visiting Time– 12:00pm-5:00pm


The details about the camera capturing is not available currently, prefer confirming the use of camera before you make a choice of this place.



Derived from the title GURU SHIKHAR, it refers to the peak of the mountain. This location lies at the top and is considered as the highest peak at the Aravalli ranges. Being at a high altitude, it also covers the cloud covering view and an awesome sound eco quality.

The couples can ride to the top by hiring a scooter or bike which could add more thrilling and joyful experience. The pathway is of immense thrill and fun-filled enjoyment. This place is actually perfect for having a pre-wedding shoot at Mount Abu.



Nakki lake is the first man-made lake that is11000 meters deep and is distanced almost half a quarter in length and about a quarter in width. The Nakki lake is the perfect shoot location for having a pre wedding shoot at Mount Abu as it fills up with the cool wind and romantic lake-side view. It’s considered as the gem of Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

As you gradually start your way all around the lake, the paramount view unfolds the story of Mount Abu, along with displaying the greenery it’s charmed up with and also the different shaped rocks referred as Toad rocks. It’s of among all the attractions at Mount Abu all because of its blue clean lake water with creates a romantic surrounding, especially in evening and night.

The lake wraps in the ashes of the legend “Shri Mahatma Gandhi” which was dropped in on 12 February 1948. It is counted to be the best sightseeing locations at Mount Abu. It even connects itself to the sunset point through the side pathway road.


The most popular and most exciting view at Mount Abu, that’s filled with greenery sideway, small shelter houses forming village downside, and the drowning sun spreading its beam all across in some orange shade with combination to some cold wind.

These altogether turns up a romantic and joyful scenery and sets a perfect location for having a pre wedding shoot at Mount Abu.

The view is so, that it creates some unique feel and charms up the surrounding with romance and this is what attracts the tourists and viewer out there.



The Achalgarh Fort stands 11 kilometers towards the north of Mount Abu, primarily built by Paramara dynasty rulers and later renovated and redesigned by Maharana Kumbha. The fort has two gates, the first one is named Hanuman Pol which connects to the entrance to the lower fort and the entrance out there is beautifully decorated with two large pillars designed with grey granite. The second gate is named as Champa pol which is connected to the inner fort.


Some belief and spiritual vibes surround the fort and Lord Shiva’s toe is worshipped there along with a brass Nandi located over there.


The fort view is perfect location for a couple shoot for having a pre  wedding shoot at Mount Abu as it structures some old architectural designs that provide a standard backdrop.

Visiting Time– 10:00am-4:50pm



The honeymoon point holds the backdrop with that of the Nakki lake and the beautiful old gateway to Mount Abu. The honeymoon point is so named mainly because of the love rocks that are located there.

This place is the perfect set for having a pre wedding shoot at Mount Abu and to hold hands, enjoy the scenic view, give your eyes a soothing and mesmerizing beauty all around.



For the nature lover, this place is just the paradise, especially in the month of November-December when one could find the wide variety of bird. The greenery to sideways is eye-catching. The entry inside the lake is prohibited.

The beauty of the place is perfect to have a pre wedding shoot at Mount Abu.


Visiting Time– till 5 pm.

Notes: (Distance Related Info)

By Air: The nearest domestic airport Mount Abu is at Udaipur, that is connected to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad. The local taxis would be available there to drop you till Mount Abu.

By Rail: Abu Road Railway Station is the nearest to Mount Abu. You may use the Railway facility to reach out Mount Abu.


Distance from Udaipur Airport to:

  • Dilwara temple= 3 hours 17 mins
  • Guru Sikhar= 3 hours 48 mins
  • Nakki Lake= 3hours 16 mins
  • Sunset Point= 3 hours 16 mins
  • Achalgarh Fort= 3 hours 39 mins
  • Honeymoon Point= 3 hours 21 mins
  • Trevors Tank= 3 hours 24 mins


Distance from Abu Road Airport to:

  • Dilwara temple= 31 mins
  • Guru Sikhar= 1 hour 33 mins
  • Nakki Lake= 1 hour 6 mins
  • Sunset Point= 1 hour 9 mins
  • Achalgarh Fort= 1 hour 19 mins
  • Honeymoon Point= 1 hour 6 mins
  • Trevors Tank= 1 hour 9 mins


Best time to visit MOUNT ABU:

The months from November through February mark the best time to visit Mount Abu, though it is considered as a year-round hill station. The winter nights are mainly cold there but the weather throughout is having a temperate climate.

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