What are the top 10 Trending songs for bridal reels 2023 ?

June 14, 2023
bridal reel 2023

Sanson ki mala (instrumental): Leo Twins

This is the slow instrumental version of the song ‘Sanson ki Mala’ initially sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. A significantly trending track on Instagram for bridal reels, this melody will surely add charm to your reel. 

Ranjha – Kiara Advani Version

This has to be the song on the list for your bridal reel. This song is an extended version of “Ranjha” from Shershah, specially made for Kiara’s bridal entry. What better bridal piece could you ask for?

Nainowale Ne 

This beautiful track, sung by Neeti Mohan, is another fantastic choice for your bridal reel. This track has been trending on Insta reels because of its mashup with the song ‘People.’ You can also go for a slower, reverbed version of this song for a more unplugged vibe. 


Manmohiya is a track that has yet to be discovered by many people. This song is from the Netflix series Fame Game.’ Sung by Sona Mohapatra, this track is a beautiful blend of electric and traditional Rajasthani music. 

Rang Legeya

Another trending song on Instagram, Rang Lageya, is romantic in Mohit Chauhan’s melodious voice, and you can’t go wrong with his voice. Go for a slower or unplugged version for a more acoustic feel. 

apna Jahan 

This is another soulful song from the movie Brothers. But what is more melodious is the part when Neeti Mohan sings. We suggest you add That part of the song to your Instagram reel. 

Aaj Sajeya

Aaj Sajeya is a song made for brides. Every single person starts thinking about their wedding after listening to this song. You can’t ask for a better melody than this.

Padmavat Theme Song

This has to be your song to add royal queen vibes to your bridal reel. The Padmavat theme song is a powerful yet soulful track, perfect for a dramatic bridal reel.

You complete me 

This is another melodious track from ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey,’ composed by A.R. Rahman. The most beautiful part about this song is that it is 4 minutes, 39 seconds long, and you’ll hear a completely different tune every minute. Listen to the whole track and pick your favorite part for your reel. 

Madhaaniya – Neha Bhasin 

This track, sung by Neha Bhasin, is a recreation of a Punjabi folk song. The song is about everything a girl remembers when she leaves home. What better track could you ask for for your bridal reel?


So, there you have it! Our list of the 10 trending songs will turn your bridal reel from just another Instagram post into a mini-masterpiece. With these tunes, you can capture the magic of your special day and immortalize your glow, excitement, and love in a way that words alone cannot.
Whether you opt for the instrumental charm of “Sanson ki Mala” or the sweet nostalgia of “Madhaaniya,” your bridal reel will go viral. But more importantly, it will be a precious keepsake you can cherish forever.
So, what are you waiting for? Crank up the volume, hit record, and make some unforgettable memories. Happy wedding, and even happier reeling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which song is most used in Instagram reels in 2023?

As of 2023, the most used song on Instagram reels is Kiara Advani’s version of ‘Ranjha.’ Its popularity has soared due to its extended version, specially made for bridal entries.

How do you find trending audio on Instagram in 2023?

To find trending audio on Instagram, check out the ‘Music’ tab in the Instagram story feature. Here, you’ll see a ‘For You’ option and a ‘Browse’ option to search for songs. Additionally, Instagram usually has a section that showcases ‘Trending’ music, allowing you to stay up-to-date with popular tracks.

What songs are popular on Instagram reels right now?

Some of the popular songs on Instagram reels right now are ‘Sanson ki Mala,’ ‘Ranjha,’ ‘Nainowale Ne,’ ‘Manmohiya,’ ‘Rang Legeya,’ ‘Sapna Jahan,’ ‘Aaj Sajeya,’ ‘Padmavat Theme Song,’ ‘You Complete Me,’ and ‘Madhaaniya.’

What song should I put on my wedding reel?

The song you choose for your wedding reel should reflect your personal taste and the overall mood of your wedding day. However, ‘Aaj Sajeya’ is popular due to its thematic relevance to weddings. Other good choices are ‘Sanson ki Mala,’ ‘Ranjha,’ and ‘Madhaaniya.’

What is the number one wedding song of 2023?

The number one wedding song in 2023 is ‘Aaj Sajeya.’ It has become a staple at weddings due to its deeply romantic lyrics and beautiful melody, evoking strong emotions and getting everyone in the wedding mood.

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