What are the top 10 trending songs for wedding reels in 2023?

June 15, 2023
trending songs for wedding reels

Weddings are the most fun and happy time for both the bride and groom and their friends and family. Everyone wants to share these memorable moments on their social media handles. Thanks to Instagram, the reel feature has made our lives very easy. Although choosing the right music can sometimes take longer than making your reel, we are here to help you. Here is a list of trending songs on Instagram for your wedding reels.

Ullam Paadum – 2 States

This is an unreleased track from the movie 2 States. The song is in Tamil, and the melody is just beautiful.

Tu Laung Mai Elachi

Want to give a fun Punjabi vibe to your wedding reel? Then Tu Laung Mai Elachi from the movie Luka Chuppi is the pick for you.

Nachde ne Saare

The perfect wedding song, Nachde ne Saare, is apt for all your shaadi function reels. Use this track to add some Punjabi tadka.


Gud naal ishq mitha

Another fun Punjabi song from the movie Ek Ladki ko Dekha toh Aisa Laga, this is a recreation of the track originally sung by Malkit Singh.


A beautiful song for your auspicious day, Shubharambh from the movie Kai Po Che can make an excellent BGM for your wedding reel.

Tainu Leke

Tainu Leke from the movie Salaam E Ishq is one of the most popular wedding songs. This fun dance number is a great choice for your reels.

Lagan Laagi re

If you want a slow and mellow tune, then go for Lagan Laagi Re as the BGM for your reels.

Rangi Saari

Rangi Saari has been trending on Instagram reels for quite some time. This is another melodious track in the voice of Kavita Seth with good beats to add to your wedding reel.

London Thumakda

One of the most popular wedding dance numbers, London Thumakda, is a great choice for your reels if you want to add a fun Punjabi feel.

Dilbar – Tech Panda

Dilbar by Tech Panda has been trending on Instagram reels for a while, and you must have heard it at least once. This amazing fusion of western beats and Indian music will add a unique taste to your wedding reels.


Use these beautiful melodies as the background music for your wedding reels according to your style and get amazing reach!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which song is most used in Instagram reels in 2023?

As of 2023, the most used song on Instagram reels is Kiara Advani’s version of ‘Ranjha.’ Its popularity has soared due to its extended version, specially made for bridal entries.

How do you find trending audio on Instagram in 2023?

To find trending audio on Instagram, check out the ‘Music’ tab in the Instagram story feature. Here, you’ll see a ‘For You’ option and a ‘Browse’ option to search for songs. Additionally, Instagram usually has a section that showcases ‘Trending’ music, allowing you to stay up-to-date with popular tracks.

What songs are popular on Instagram reels right now?

Some of the popular songs on Instagram reels right now are ‘Sanson ki Mala,’ ‘Ranjha,’ ‘Nainowale Ne,’ ‘Manmohiya,’ ‘Rang Legeya,’ ‘Sapna Jahan,’ ‘Aaj Sajeya,’ ‘Padmavat Theme Song,’ ‘You Complete Me,’ and ‘Madhaaniya.’

What song should I put on my wedding reel?

The song you choose for your wedding reel should reflect your personal taste and the overall mood of your wedding day. However, ‘Aaj Sajeya’ is popular due to its thematic relevance to weddings. Other good choices are ‘Sanson ki Mala,’ ‘Ranjha,’ and ‘Madhaaniya.’

What is the number one wedding song of 2023?

The number one wedding song in 2023 is ‘Aaj Sajeya.’ It has become a staple at weddings due to its deeply romantic lyrics and beautiful melody, evoking strong emotions and getting everyone in the wedding mood.

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