What are the Benefits of Having Two Wedding Photographers?

May 24, 2022

Benefits of Having Two Wedding Photographers

Everybody likes to be shot from different angles, especially at a wedding. Moreover, the couple desire that their whole event gets capture from various perspectives without any key moment left uncaptured. Here comes the role of a photographer who turn that lively event into a sublime one. However, a single photographer cannot shoot all the important stuff going on in the wedding. Thus, it becomes eminent to hire another photographer who can assist the first one in carrying out discrete tasks associated with this auspicious occasion. But, it totally depends on various wedding factors which result in hiring of an additional wedding photography. Following are some benefits of having two wedding photographers.

Being at Multiple Places at Same Time

A second photographer immensely helps in conducting a wedding event. Different shots from different perspectives can be ensured in the same place. Moreover, there may occur circumstances where the both sides of couple may be residing or staying at two extreme locations of the city or town. Hence, this fortifies such circumstances, shooting all the necessary moments from both the locations.


Focusing on The Big Picture and Minor Details

While focusing on the big picture, sometimes the minor yet important details get missed out. In this case, the second photographer comes in role. When the first photographer is capturing the whole family standing on the stage, ready for a family photograph, in the meantime the second would be focusing on the candid shots showcasing only the couple and blurring the background, focusing on the quality time being spent by both of them with each on that holy occasion.


Moreover, the second photographer acts as a backup, in case any salient pose or moments get uncaptured. The magical moments of friends and family meeting after years, instilling a feeling of happiness and joy everywhere in the function, that dancing fellow who always entertain the guests and the never-ending chase of photographer for those eating at food stalls. Resulting in benefits of having two wedding photographers


Advantage of Different Photography Styles

No two photographers pursue similar photography styles and techniques. Each photographer is gifted with his own unique photography traits. Hence, it will be beneficial for the couple to hire two wedding photographers, ensuring a variety of pictures including different perspectives of the same family photo, or finding a captured image through different angles and styles. Thus this implies the benefits of having two wedding photographers


Attending Groom and Bride Separately

The groom and bride are busy in their own stuff on their wedding day. While the bride along with the bridesmaid is dressing up in her outfit, on the other hand the groom along with his friends is getting ready in suit for their perfect day. These are the moments which no bride and groom would like to be uncaptured. But, how a single wedding photographer will be able to shoot both of them at the same time.

Since, a photographer cannot be at two places at the same time, there arises the need of hiring a second wedding photographer. While one will be covering the dressing up process of the groom, the other, in meantime, will be capturing the precious moments of bride getting ready and her emotional moments with her parents who are seeing her for the last time as their daughter.


Safeguarding the Event from Any Uncertain Event

Many a times there occur some uncertain events that might disrupt the pre-planned occasion rendering to a very unhappy experience for the couple, their family and friends. However, if one insures this happening by hiring another photographer, one can easily conduct the wedding ceremony without any problem.


Sometimes, the photographer’s accessories might get misplaced or accidentally get damaged a night before the wedding. Moreover, what if the only photographer the couple has falls ill, then who will take care of capturing the entire event. Thus, to mitigate this problem it becomes important to hire the second photographer at a wedding. Therefore, promoting the benefits of having two wedding photographers


Managing the Props and Shooting Sets


Another remarkable merit of having a second photographer at wedding is that it speeds up the process of clicking pictures at the event. The time consumed in setting up the props, finding the best location in the wedding premises and drafting various trending poses for the couple snatches away the time in which the couple would meet their family members and friends to spend a quality time with them too. Thus, the second photographer helps in managing the props and shooting sets and helps in providing enough time to the couple for getting shot with their relatives by the first wedding photographer in the meantime. Hence, agreeing on receiving benefits of having two wedding photographers

Besides having a lot of benefits, hiring a second photographer limits the scope of performing such action in various events which are discussed below.


If you are planning to organize a small event with around 100-140 guests, then it is not advisable to hire the second photographer, since only one wedding photographer is more than enough to cover the entire event. One should hire a second photographer only if your budget allows to do so. Though if the photographer has his own team and all the photographers included in the package. But, many a times there are planned group photos, shorter duration of events, large number of guests, wedding location with a large shooting area and other factors which deem to be important on a wedding day


Hence, these were some of the benefits of hiring two wedding photographers. Though it said “The More the Merrier”, it entirely depends up on the couple who would decide to have.

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