Top 10 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Lakshadweep

May 18, 2022

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is a group of islands and it’s capital is Kavaratti . Lakshadweep means “A Hundred Thousand Islands” in Sanskrit  . It has 36 islands and it is famous for its scenic views and beauty of nature . It covers about 32 square kilometers area. Now , if we  talk about food , you can have the variety in vegetarian food . Here , sea food is also available for non veg food lovers like from tuna to crab . Apart from this , you will find many beautiful Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Lakshadweep .


So lets have a look on them…

Top 10 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Lakshadweep

1. Minicoy Island

It is one of the tiny 36 islets of Lakshadweep . It is also called Maliku which is the most beautiful island of India . It is located in the mid of Arabian sea which covers the area of  4.801 square kilometers which basically is famous for spirited coral reefs and beautiful white sand beach and fresh water. Here you can have your exotic and romantic pre wedding shoot. The place is surely a good choice for pre wedding shoot .

Points of Attraction – Arabian Sea , old lighthouse , Juma Masjid ,

Best Time To Visit – September – April

How To Reach ?

It is located 398 km away from the Trivandrum . Also , helicopter service are provided from Agatti .

Nearest Airport – Agatti Aerodrome

2. Agatti Island

Agatti Island is basically famous for the airstrip and it is also well known for its water sports activity . So , if you visit here with your partner for pre wedding shoot, and they love water sports activities , you both can have a good time here. Also , nature lovers will love this place as they can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna and their are much more things to explore.

**An entry permit is required for the visitors of Agatti Island . You can download the application form online . You have to submit it to the Registration Officer or the Station House Officer within 24 hours of reaching the island .,with the fee of INR 50 (cash/demand draft)  . You have to surrender the order to the Administrator in Kochi at the end of the tour.

Points of Attraction – Beaches , Water sports

Best Time To Visit – October – March

How To Reach ?

Nearest Airport – Agatti airport .

Agatti island is also connected by a sea route to Bangaram Island .As it is only 8 km away from Agatti Island .

**There are only two resorts on the island ( Agatti Island Beach Resort (AIBER) and  Sea Shells Beach Resort) ., so make sure to book in advance .

**Only Indians are allowed to visit Agatti Island . Other people with different citizenship can stay at Bangaram Island, Minicoy Island and Thinnikara Island.

**Airtel & BSNL mobile networks have a strong connection on the island.

**Carry cash money as much as possible as there is only one ATM available on the  Island .

3. Bangaram Island

Bangaram Island is a tiny island and one of the Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Lakshadweep . Here you can enjoy the beauteous view of the island which is increased by various kind of fishes , dolphins etc . You can have a beautiful pre wedding shoot underwater also . And if you love to swim , You should must visit there as you can also enjoy the view of dolphins enjoying there.


Points of Attraction – Flora and Fauna , Water sports(canoeing, kayaking, water skiing or windsurfing, diving and snorkeling)

Best Time To Visit –  October – March

How To Reach ?

40-minute short fun ferry ride is available from Agatti to reach your destination .


  • *visitors need special permit for entrance .
  • *no internet on the island .
  • *You can stay at the only resort on the island , otherwise on Agatti island as it is only 12 KM away from Bangaram Island.


4. Kavaratti Island

It is the most beautiful Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Lakshadweep . Here , you can enjoy the beautiful view of sea which covers the vast area . If you want to visit here, Agatti is the nearest airport as it doesn’t have its own airport. Kavaratti Island is also selected to develop as a city . You should visit this place as it is a suitable place to capture the special moments .

Points of Attraction – The Kavaratti marine aquarium, Urja mosque , Water sports ( scuba diving, jet ski, kayaking ,motor boat ride )


Best Time To Visit – October – March

How To Reach ?

The nearest airport is Agatti Island (58 KM away from kavaratti island ) . You have to take the sea route through a yatch or boat from Agatti .


5. Kalpeni Island

Kalpeni Island is also known as Koefaini whch is a group of three islands which are Cheriyam, Pitti and Tillakkam .  It is the most suitable island to have a pre wedding shoot as it has a eye catching view which will provide you an appealing background for the pictures . It is an island which is mostly visited by tourists due to its beautiful surroundings . Also you can enjoy various water sports here such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Reef walking, canoeing, kayaking and sailing yachts.

Points of Attraction – Tilakkam, Pitti, and Cheriyam Islands, Diving

Best Time To Visit – October – March

How To Reach ?

Nearest Airport – Agatti Airport

nearest Railway Station – Kochi Railway Station


6. Kadmat Island

Kadmat is also famous for tourists as it is well known for sun bathing . People love to come here and enjoy to get tanned . It has a silvery  sand which increases the beauty of the beach . You can visit here and enjoy the greenery here which is perfect for the pre wedding shoot . You will find this less crowded so you must visit this place .

Points of Attraction – Mohiyudeen Mosque , Golden Jubilee Museum

Best Time To Visit – October – March

How To Reach ?

It is 2 hours speed boat ride away from Agatti.

Nearest Airport -Agatti Island (76 kms)


7. Andretti Island

Andretti Island , which is also known as Andrott Island, is the largest island of Lakshadweep , also it is located near to the Indian Mainland. It has a mesmerizing beauty which will attract the nature lovers the most .  If you are visiting here for pre wedding shoot , You should definitely capture the sunset shots as you will love the view the most . But unfortunately , foreign tourists are not allowed to visit here.

* (only island of Lakshadweep which is )situated in the east-west direction.

Points of Attraction – the tomb of Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah , Coconut palms , Water sports

Best Time To Visit – October  – March

How To Reach ?

Nearest Airport –  Agatti Aerodrome (101.58 KM) , After reaching Agatti , you have to reach there by sea route .


8. Amindivi Island

Amindivi Island also , like Andretti Island  is prohibited by foreign visitors. But it is a beautiful island to have a pre wedding shoot here. Amindivi is a group of island which is also famous for its choir products . You will find it a suitable place for the pre wedding shoot so must visit this place for the shoot and to enjoy as well.

Points of Attraction – Chetlat, Kadmat, Bitra, Amini and Kiltan Islands ( these are five small islands which are a part of Amindivi Island), Amini , Water sports

Best Time To Visit – October – April

How To Reach ?

Nearest airport – Agatti Aerodrome  , After reaching Agatti , you can reach to Amindivi island by sea route .


9. Lighthouse , Minicoy Island

It was built in 19th century which is the oldest lighthouse in Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep . Its height is 300 feet , so it is obvious that the view from the top will be definitely breathtaking . Which is why , you should visit it or the pre wedding shoot .

*This island is also prohibited for foreign visitors .

Points of Attraction – An eye catching view from the top of the lighthouse

Cost – No entry fee

Best Time To Visit – October – March

How To Reach ?

It is in minicoy Island so you can reach here by walking .


10. Kiltan Island

Kiltan Island belongs to the Amindivi group of Islands . This island is famous for its culture . Also, Kiltan Island is having beach on both sides and it is surrounded by loads of greenery and unique plants and the  beauty is increased by fresh blue water . It is a better choice for a pre wedding shoot as here you will find it less crowded with great environment. It is sure that you are gonna love this place if you visit here with your beloved once.

Points of Attraction – Food Stalls, Accommodation, water sports

Best Time To Visit – October – March

How To Reach ?

Nearest Airport – Agatti Aerodrome ., You have to take boat or yatch to reach Kiltan Island

Best Time To Visit Lakshadweep

Best time to visit Lakshadweep is in the months of September to  as winters is the most suitable time for pre wedding shoot . And in case , you don’t want your pre wedding shoot in winters and if you want to enjoy monsoon , you can visit here in the months of June to August . You can enjoy heavy Rainfall with greenery everywhere.


So these were some exotic Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Lakshadweep . It is a beautiful place where you can go for pre wedding shoots or to enjoy your vacations .

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