May 27, 2022


In case you’re weighing up where in Europe to visit for pre-wedding or post-wedding photography and a slide show that will wow your honeymoon, at this point London is a safeguard city. London’s noteworthy areas mean there are such countless notable backgrounds for your couple shoot where you’ll discover a blend of greatness and the sentiment of England. A large number of the structures have an immortality that looks stunning in a photograph show. At the point when you feel that St Paul’s was inherent the seventeenth century, that Prince Charles and Lady Diana were hitched there in the twentieth – all things considered, it’s popular and conspicuous all through the world. Besides, London is an imaginative centre point. It’s the place where the world’s best performance centre happens each night. Furthermore, London additionally has the absolute best shopping on the planet. In case you’re here to shop, consider booking in a pre-or post-wedding shoot, or the other way around.


Couples likewise come to London since they have an association with the city. On the off chance that you’ve concentrated in London or met in London, you’ll have loads of extraordinary recollections you need to impart to companions back home.


The overall view of London

We have been tingling to tell you about London and the best post wedding photo-shoot places in London and how extremely beautiful London is.


It clicked to us, when our team was looking for better places to go shooting with our couples. Despite the fact that London is totally excellent and there are such countless things to see and visit, we were unable to track down a decent, clear article about areas for a post-wedding shoot.

Spots like Regent Park, Hyde Park, London eye, etc. are so beautiful however excessively touristy but the best places to shoot as well. You can always do a day shoot or a night shoot here. These places have different charms and truly add the right post wedding, (honeymoon) look to your photos.


This is London, all things considered; so there is a license required essentially for any fix of land where you shoot, particularly for business photograph shoots.



How to plan a post-wedding or pre wedding shoot in London with an economical budget?

Arrange everything in advance with your photographer and have multiple locations planned. Then, on the day, be prepared to throw a lot of it away! We aim to know which parts of the shoot are really key for the couple. You’re your outfits according to the time of the day. You will definitely want to cover as many locations as you want but if you have a budget plan it everything to that. For Instance, if you plan to do your post wedding shoot towards the South of the London, try exploring more places around and make the most out of it.


Couples always ask whether post-wedding or pre-wedding photography is worth such a significant investment when actually the big wedding day is already done and if there is nothing to show for it. Only you can decide that, but what we can do is give you an insight into where your money is being spent, and how much a good photographer would cost you and what a top photographer will give you after your post wedding shoot.


View the packages offered by our company for the shoot in London. We have tie-ups with the photographers in the city from whom we get the shoot done.


Experienced wedding photographers cost more than someone starting out or who has only being doing it for a few years. Hiring an experienced photographer means less worry for you, they know what they are doing, they know where to be when, they know where to get that perfect shot of you walking down the aisle, and they know where to look for that moment when your Mum sheds a tear watching on.


You may be considering what’s so troublesome about wedding photography. Wouldn’t you be able to simply ask your Uncle Steve with his great camera to cover your large day? Not except if you need a collection loaded with photographs you may never need to take a gander at. Usually photographer’s work on hourly basis that is about 5 to 8 hours. This incorporates counsels, travel and setting up, genuine photography, lighting equipment, transferring and backing up photographs, altering, printing, bundling prints, and delivery. Is Uncle Steve going? Indeed, even with a huge spending ensure you recruit a pre wedding photographic artist you feel good with, somebody you feel loose with, whatever your spending you can’t put a cost on who you feel great and loose with, this is essential to help make those normal and fun photographs causing you to feel quiet before the camera.


At long last Remember, the cake gets eaten, the blossoms will kick the bucket, yet the Pre – Wedding Photos will keep going forever…



Well, to start with, we will talk a little about the timing. Last time, we goggled; London has a population of just over 8 MILLION people. That’s a lot. Not to mention the tourists, which flood the streets in the summer and autumn. So timing plays a part on post wedding shoots too. With sunrise and sunset being the best times – or the quietest times with the best light.


Some locations are at their most beautiful in the blue hour. As an experienced photographer who has explored the city well can guide you with your route-plan. You might be surprised how late we start the shoot in summer because we want to be photographing in the foremost light. Basically, we know when locations are not so busy but the light is still good. Sometimes, we recommend a wraparound shoot. This means that we do a sunset shoot at certain locations, grab something nice to eat, go to bed for a few hours and then start again at sunrise when other locations are at their best. That works extremely well in high summer.


With that in mind here are the top locations for London post wedding shoots.



Worked in 1300 St Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s most established and most notable milestones. Somewhere in the range of 1710 and 1962 it remained as London’s tallest structure at 111 meters high. In World War II during the London Blitz courageous fire fighters would sit on the arch soaking it with water as the bombs feel in general. It’s an iconic building in London (with an amazing history.) Whilst security is pretty tight there are some top spots on each side of the building. We love the columns, the flagstones and the gardens and it’s a great spot for sunset.


Just up from Westminster Bridge, you have the London Eye. Worked in 2000 to praise the thousand years the London Eye was at first simply expected to be a transitory Landmark. Nonetheless, after it demonstrated continually well known (with 3.75 million guests yearly), it’s currently become a perpetual component of London’s horizon. With a tallness of 135 meter the best area to appreciate the London eye in your commitment photographs from the most distant corner of the Jubilee Gardens.



Not actually a location, but rather for those visiting London for the first time or for a post-wedding shoot, the exemplary Red Phone Boxes are a notable image of London. Tragically there’s not that numerous left and surprisingly less that are fit as a fiddle. The best spot for a photograph opportunity with a Red Phone Box is in Westminster Square and there is also the corner of the Primrose hill.



Another one of London’s Royal Parks is “Regents Park” that is situated in the north west of the city. Wandering through the park you can enjoy some really cool gardens, people playing a range of sports and the London Zoo. If you have a dog and would like to involve them in your post wedding photos then a park shoot would be a great option.


And that’s a wrap! We really hope this was helpful for you if you’re planning a post wedding shoot with a budget, or if you haven’t been to London yet, and plan to do your post wedding shoot there. Just some basic tips and tricks that you need to consider and planning your post-wedding shoot is easier than ever. If you liked our London post wedding shoot, you can also checkout our page for some more wedding, pre wedding and post wedding planning.

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