Music Playlist For Full Length Wedding Video

May 24, 2022

Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video

Wedding, an auspicious day and the one-time memory for forever partnership. We express our feelings many a time in the form of lines, that could be tuned and murmured as in rhythm. There’s no such occasion that cannot be described in tunes and lines. From the start of the meeting to the end of the welcoming, our Indian Bollywood Playlist has all of it, and that’s why we are here with Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video.


When we talk about the wedding video and relatable music, we have a long list of it. The Full Wedding Video includes a long list of music list too, that would be expressing the moments feel and auspiciousness.


In a full wedding video, there are lots of functions described and each of its needs some song to be described in a beautiful and unique manner. Being the Indian wedding it obviously needs some twist in the wedding video too, as to make it interesting and amazing one.


Every couple wishes to frame their wedding video in the best of best manner. So, this is some of the suggestions from Video Tailor, to make up the best full wedding video.


Here we have listed the step by step program and few of the related songs linked up with the URL, for your convenience:

The Start of Peaceful Pooja

The start of any good occasion is from the paying sincere thanks to the almighty lord, so for the same sake, people hold the ceremony what we call as Shanti Pooja.

The start of the wedding programs is all the way from this pooja s to carry on and end up all the programs in a peaceful and calm manner.


So for this, we can have some, peaceful instrumental as well as some lyrical songs of lord and goddesses. Below is this list of all this:


Song Of Lord Krishna

Shree Siddhivinayak Mantra And Aarti



The wedding function starts up with the sangeet program, this is where people dance and have the best of fun. The relatives dance on relatable songs in order to tease the groom and the bride. Well, there are ‘n’ numbers of songs for the purpose of wedding sangeet.


Here is the list of sangeet songs:



Baari Barsi

London Thumkda

Punjabi Wedding Song

Abhi Tu Party Shuru Huyi Hai

Move Your Lakk

Laungi lachii

Nahi Jana

Dil Chori Sada

Bom Diggy Diggy


Suit Suit Karda

Lakk Mera Hit


The next program in the sequence is the Haldi function. The time when the hands of the bride and groom are colored as yellow, which is predicting the start of a marriage.


We can have many songs related to haldi function, like:


Peret Rang Haldi Prem Se Lagao

Nachde ne Sare

Navrai Majhi



The most beautiful part of the wedding ceremony, the mehendi session. The part where the bride is full of  excitement to decorate her hand with beautiful designs and write her groom’s name being the permanent stamp. And to record the video here we actually need a perfect list yo capture all of it.


Here we enlist the mehendi songs:

Sawan Aaya Hai

Mujhko Barsaat Banalo

Tera Fitoor

Pat Le Gyi



The awaited time is all of the barat session. The part where it all start up with the dance and happiness of the starting up a new phase of the life. The entire family and members join together to celebrate the happy moment.


Bolo Tara Rara

Tere Dware Pe Aayi Barat

Tenu Leke

Bhangra ta Sajda



The varmala time is the moment when the bride and the groom have close look at each other. This could be a romantic as well as shy feeling scene for which we have put up the Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video. So, for the entry of groom and bride to the putting of varmala, the entire scene is to get locked in the best of tune.


Here we have the list of the barat video song:



Here comes the moment when the bride and the groom sit to tie up their knot finally. This is the utmost precious moment for them. Here is the place and time where they promise to walk with hand in hand for the entire life journey together in both the situations, either good or bad.

Vakratunda Mahakaya

Teri Ore

Naino ne Bandhi



Vidai is the most emotional and the hardest scenario to cover, the bride is filled with heavy heart as she will be leaving her house and family to start a new journey of her life.


Here are the Vidai songs:

Sohni Bannu Chan Se

Kehta Hai Babul




The next step is for the bride welcoming, at her new house. The moment when she enters and starts a new journey with the new members and a new family.


The tracks for bride home coming are below:




Finally, the end is here. After the welcoming of the bride and the finishing of the ritual, now it’s time for the reception party and turn the dance floor on. So, for the sake of the video of the reception part there should be mind blowing songs in the list of Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video.


The list of reception video songs are given below:

Some exceptional scenes which require the music are as follows-


Bride Getting Ready


Groom Getting Ready


Well all of the given above points relate to the playlist for full wedding video. The above-mentioned songs are damn good and are good suggestions to put them in your wedding video to relate with all of the programs. Despite all the program, some scenes are also captured that needs some lines to be tuned for Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video.

Bride Entrance Song

Groom Entrance Song


I hope my reads are satisfied with the above content and that the matter mentioned above about the Music Playlist for Full Length Wedding Video is helpful to all.


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