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May 19, 2022

When words fail music speaks. Music beckons you to tell stories.


It is rightly said music has the power  to bring people together. So, go ahead and put some amazing music in your wedding invitation. Adding music to your video will make it more engaging for the viewers. It makes the content in the video interesting.


With Video Tailor,  you can choose among variety of music options from the given list or otherwise any audio you wish to be played back.  Here are some options from which you  can choose from.



No matter how busy your days may be, make time for yourselves. Hold hands. Unwind. Surprise each other. Find little chances every day to show you’re grateful to be married. Make this special day more memorable by getting your video made and also adding the music behind it of your choice.


You are the one

Din shagna da

Make it last


Getting married soon? Want to elevate the level of excite? You know what would be perfect?    A Pre Wedding shoot  with some good music!   Capture your beautiful moments before marriage through any such shoot. Here are some  of our Pre Wedding Videos.


Kaun Tujhe Yun



Expressing best wishes for birthday has never been easier. Think of what you have learnt from life and put it all together in a wise quote, funny message or a cute note all combined in a video. Celebrate this moment because it is once in a while. Also add background music of your choice.


Make it Last


You are the one



After many years of marriage, you may forget the date your wedding took place! But here comes the Wedding Anniversary to remind you of that date!  Celebrating an anniversary is a great thing, so why not make the occasion even more joyous by sending one another sweet anniversary wishes? get your video with the background audio of your choice among the given options or you can come up with your own audio.


You are the one

Ye Pal



It’s the most romantic time of the year. With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air. Couples are making special plans for this special day. Each one of us would like to do something unique for our loved ones. Exchanging gifts is the most common trend of Valentine’s Day; however, spending time with each other is the best way of expressing your love.


Hence, you can use any background audio for your video gifted to your partner adding more love to it.


Make it last

Tum Ho



We hope these options helped you to give an insight about what genres of song are to be chosen. We would love to hear from you regarding other options as well as the one mentioned above.

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