The Onset of Drones

May 20, 2022

Drone photography has really come to party as they say over the past few years. Not only has it added a new dimension to photography, but also to the lives of people. Drone in scientific terms is an unmanned aircraft that captures images from different angles impossible to be captured by a normal camera. Different shots are captured using different cameras,  therefore different photos need different specification and all these specifications need different drones. Here is the list of all the drones:


Multi Rotor

Drones that carry multiple rotors on their bodies are known as Multi Rotors. An advantage using this type of  drone is the simple rotor mechanics required for control. Unlike the single and double -rotor helicopter whose pitch varies with each moment. A Multi- rotor can stay in a same position for a long period of time. Hence, they are a popular choice for aerial photography and surveillance.


Fixed Wing Drones

Fixed Wing Drones are ideal for longer missions, generally used when the area to be mapped exceeds 100 acres. With the ability to elevate at over 10,00 ft. and easy to control even 6 miles from the ground control station, makes it stand out of all other drones.


They also offer a high degree of customization for carrying different sensors or operating in extreme environments. Models such as E-386 also offer active aerobrake  and laser landing flare system that allow it to drive quickly and touchdown on the ground.


Very Small Drones

These can be as small as an insect, all the way up to 50 cm. Usually used for the purpose of conducting biological warfare or to spy on people. This small drone can come in handy especially in spy missions to collect information and click photographs or record videos. Also, their wings or rotors are specially adapted to make them more maneuverable in smaller or enclosed spaces.


Medium Drones

These are smaller than light aircrafts, but still quite large. They usually need to be carried by two people, and can weigh up to 200kgs. Medium sized drones are used to carry out the aerial investigations and can also be used to map area upto a certain  limit.


Large Drones

These drones are nearly as large as a small aircraft. Frequently used by military, they are send to the areas of high risk in place of fighter jets containing officers. Surveillance duties can also be carried out by these drones thanks to the extremely powerful camera attached to their bodies which can study the area from the several 100 ft up from the air. An added advantage using them includes the night vision technology that adds cheery to the cake and serves as benefit for military purposes.


Photography Drones

These drones have camera/ video attached to their body. They are smart tool to have, for capturing existence. Drones not only add up a dimension to photography, they also make people believe in the concept of looking the world from the top of it. These accessories can take HD quality snaps and are built to withstand the bad weather conditions.

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