A Jeweling Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur

May 19, 2022


Manipur is among one of the most beautiful places of India that pledges to serve never-ending enjoyment and amusement and its capital Imphal is called as the heart of Manipur. If you wish to feel the love, get your pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur this wedding.


Manipur, the place of natural beauty embedded with a number of tourist locations, is referred to as THE JEWEL CITY, all because of its attire that fits perfect in its immensely charming beauty, that’s located to the north-east of the country bounded by all the four sides with similar states. It’s the most untouched and undiscovered tourist place that is blessed with enormous elegance.


Manipur is not only restricted to its visiting place beauty rather its charm is all in its food too. It just not serves scrumptious cuisine. In fact, it delivers amazing healthy food with great taste.


Looking to the pleasure-giving locations, The Jewel City is richly endowed with exotic landscapes, undulating hills, blue lakes, soothing waterfalls and immense dense forests, that all set up a perfect and best pre-wedding photo shoot backdrop.


If you are looking for the calm and serene with its most ecstatic simplicity, this is the target you need to check out.


The couple could enjoy the unimagined views and most relaxing beauties with the partner sharing some good time and setting out the exact backdrop for the pre-wedding shoot.


So, Miss Bride and Mr. Groom, you are getting ready to shoot yourself in some tremendously exotic landscape with elegant views. It’s time to plan and schedule your days………start your loving-crazy partnership chapter of tying a knot all the way from this fantastic beauty heart place. Have the best of the best pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur. So, this time, Pre-wedding photo shoot in MANIPUR: the jewel city of India.


Choose your destination sites and pack your bags to put on the best frame on your walls.



Details of the locations:


The kangla fort is located in the heart city of Manipur, that is in Imphal which is considered to be the most loved and in recent time it is one of the best and named places for the pre-wedding photo shoot. It’s for sure this can’t go out of your photo shoot location list. This fort is the sign of glory for Manipur. In fact, it was the ancient capital of Manipur. All the way from its greenery to the majestic architectural history, from the picturesque water bodies to historical ruins this sets out a perfect backdrop to frame a pose for the best pre-wedding shoot. You will surely enjoy this site.

This place is the perfect cup of tea for the nature lovers, in fact, this place offers plenty of enjoyment and pleasure options. You could witness the history, architectural factors and could even take a tour of Kangla museum. Kangla Fort is a must-see destination for any traveler visiting Imphal, Manipur. And along with the visitors it sets out the perfect location to have your best pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur.


Timing- 7:00 am- 5:00 pm
Entry Fees- Rs 2 per person
Best time- Winter and onset of summer


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur
Greenery always adds soothing calmness and romance. The Andro Park has filled with such greenery all around, is the perfect site to capture the new bride-groom together. It’s located all the way away from the hustle bustle of the city that provides immense peace and calmness which is all perfect for the photography location and to plan your best pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur.


Entry Fees- Rs 0
Timing- Visit during daytime as preferred
Best Time- Winter and on set of summer, April


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur
The Langol Peak is newly opened, at kakching. The place is the escape from the rushing city that gives you absolutely fine and correct location to click down your best moments. It’s a birds-eye shot that is exactly meant for the photo shoot programs. Here you can have the amazing couple photography for the best pre-wedding shoot in Manipur.


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur
Lamdan is to be a sporty site, full of adventure and excitement. So if your theme is to cast your frame in some adventurous look you can have a look all about the Lamdan, Manipur. This site at Manipur will fill you with great excitement and breathtaking memories.


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur
Want some amazing lackey backdrop to frame your best pre-wedding photoshoot, go for the Loktak Lake. This lake is famous for the floating Phumdis and in fact, this is the largest Phumdis floating lake in the entire world, and this Phumdis are the unique feature of this lake. With the immensely eye-catching sky overhead and Phumdis floating down in the water sets out the picturesque frame. The couple could have boating there in the loktak lake and can witness the colorful fishes.


Entry Fees- Not charged
Timing- 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Visiting hours- 2hours


The Sekmai River at sekmai, Manipur is outlined with the slow-moving river, cute stone bed all over, small hillock view and the paddy field floating down the legs. The Sekmai River is the famous gateway all the way from Imphal. Today charges Rs 100-500 for visiting the Sekmai River due to certain maintenance orders.


Timing- All day
Entry Fees- Rs 100-500 (for picnickers)


Have the dream photo shoot at Phayeng, a small village at the west of Imphal, Manipur. This place is one of the destinations suitable for pre wedding shoot, infact, in recent times it has been a destination for all types of photoshoot. The awesome landscape view with greenery all around and blue hills, all of three set out the exact perfect frame for the bride-groom to pose with comfort.


No entry fees charged
No time bond


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot In Manipur
The Churachandpur is the place all the way on an hour distance from the heart city of Manipur, Imphal. This place doesn’t hold any prop but the fantabulous landscape with moving overhead clouds and crazy driving hills view is all according to the requirement of a couple photo shoot.


The Singda Dam is the highest mud dam in the world at the capital city of Manipur, Imphal. It’s a popular picnic spot and named site for the photo session. It’s located at a height of about meters above the sea level. Its scenic view is relatively calm place to have the shoot.


The Sendra, tagged with the Loktak lake backdrop provide the clear picture to have the photoshoot session. So, this site is recommended for every photoshoot title, be it pre-wedding or post-wedding.


The Takhel Village is also among the photoshoot backdrop site today at Manipur, that’s full of dense greenery and could be the dreamy-picturesque site which would be worth going. This site can give you the best pre-wedding shoot in Manipur, all because of it’s backdrop feature.


The Govind jee Temple is a sort of holy place, that is all in all around the city and not so far. This temple is turning as a demanding and naming place for the purpose of the photoshoot. Here, the pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur, the pose of the couple could be in the manner which would be showing that they are taking blessings of the Lord Govindjee.


No entry fees charged
Timing- 5:00 am-9:00 pm

Best time to visit Manipur: well, the best time to take a tour to Manipal for a couple could be in the month of SEPT-NOVEMBER as the weather is perfect for the sightseeing purpose and in fact, the temperature also remains nominal as compared to the hottie and irritating summer. So, if you are in the upcoming wedding list, you can plan your pre-wedding photo shoot in Manipur.

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