7 Natural Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In India

May 17, 2022

Natural Shoot Locations For Pre-Wedding In India

India is a diverse country with the most exotic places. From Kashmir To Kanyakumari there are some great places that are purely natural and are a heaven for photographers.  These natural pre-wedding shoot locations are a paradise for couples.


With a rise in imitated places being developed all over the country for pre-wedding shoots, here are some of the most serene places which are all about the nature. Shooting in these places is just the best thing to do. They are the getaways for couples to shoot in a peaceful environment.

Iconic Locations!


The second largest city of India, full of forts and palaces is one the most natural and creative place for a pre-wedding shoot. You can never go wrong with the location since it is the most vibrant place with the most dramatic vibes.

The place is known for its culture and the history. The history is dug in the beautiful humungous forts. Being full of it, there is no corner that is not good for shoot.


Most desirable places for pre-wedding shoot in Jodhpur:

1.1 Mandore Gardens

The Mandore Gardens is a beautiful collection of temples and memorials with high walls. The place is just perfect to shoot in as it is a bit abandoned and can make a great backdrop.

1.2 Jaswant Thada

Just near the Meherangarh fort, the Jaswant Thada has architecture like that of the Taj Mahal. which makes it a perfect place to shoot in.

1.3 Mehrangarh Fort

Every nook and corner of this fort is surprising. The old and royal vibes of this fort is all you need for you pictures. It has a sunset view point from where the whole blue city can be seen and can be a perfect backdrop.

1.4 The Blue City

The city of Jodhpur is known for its blue color. It is a paradise for girls. Such an “Aww” moment to see all the blue turquoise houses for picture perfect backgrounds. The place is just magical with its vibrant colors. Hop into the streets for some cool pictures.

How To Reach Jodhpur

Nearest Airport

Jodhpur has its own domestic airport which is just 5 kilometers from the city center. This airport is well-connected to other major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur and Jaipur. Once you reach the airport, you can hire a cab which will charge around Rs. 100.

Nearest Railway Station

Jodhpur is well-connected with national and state highways that connect cities like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Udaipur and Jaipur.

By Road

Jodhpur is well connected to all the major cities so it will be a great roadtrip for two love birds.



Darjeeling is the queen of charm. It is one of the most alluring places in India. The tea plantation in Darjeeling is the best part.

The place experiences the most soothing sunsets and sunrises. For pre-wedding shoots it is a perfect getaway for couples to shoot in peace and bring out their romantic sides.

2.1 The Toy Train

Just like the Rail Museum in Delhi there is this toy train in Darjeeling that has the most enticing views and is just perfect for your pre-wedding pictures. Make your shoot more of adventurous while you shoot in the Toy Train.

2.2 Happy Valley Tea Estate

The estate is the most serene places. It is full of tea plantations, cut so perfectly that it just seems unreal from the top. Utilize this amazing place and have the most romantic pictures shot in here.

2.3 Tiger Hill

From the Tiger Hill the most extravagant views can be seen. There are no words to describe how good the place is and it looks even better when the sun rises.

2.4 Senchal Lake

Pre-wedding shoot in Darjeeling and near a lake is like cherry on the top. The pure and clear lake has the best kind of backdrops for your photographs. It is one the must visit kind of a place.

How To Reach Darjeeling

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is Bagdogra which is approximately 95 kms away from the city, so once you reach the airport you can take up cabs to reach the city.

Nearest Railway Station

Jalpaiguri is the nearest railway station to he city which connects almost all major cities of the country.

By Road

Book cabs or buses or drive yourself enjoy the beautiful journey to a heavenly place. It is well connected to major cities.



Alppuzah or Alleppey is a small city on the Laccadive Sea in Kerela. Known for its house boats and backwaters, it can be an amazing place to shoot in. the cleanest city of India has to be a great place to shoot in.

Underwater shoots are the most common over here. A lot of experimentation can be done with the outfits in this little city.

While the waters are just enough for your shoot with the beautiful coast line full of trees, the sky has a way of surprising you in a great way. The sky is full of vibrant colors and can be the best for backgrounds.


How To Reach Alleppey

Nearest Airport

The Cochin International airport is the located 75 kms away from the city. One can easily find taxis or cabs to reach the place from the airport.

Nearest Railway Station

The Alleppey railway station lies within the city, so train is a great option to reach the place.

By Road

Alleppey is accessible through National Highway 47 and is well connected to major cities. So one has the option of booking buses or cabs for a great journey.



Pondicherry was the last British colony and it still has those foreign vibes. It is called ‘Little France Of India”. The place has the most tranquil beaches and streets. The place has the most scenic beauties away from the crowded cities. The tree lined boulevards are the most serene places to be at in the union territory.

Most desirable places for pre-wedding shoot in Pondicherry  are-

4.1 Little Cafe’s With Beautiful Walls

There are little cafes with the most beautiful graffiti. The walls are expressive and form the perfect kind of backdrop for some crazy shots.

4.2 Little White Town

The little city has a beautiful white town amidst. The beautiful white streets have trees all over the place making it even better.

4.3 The Rock Beach

The rock beach is the most famous tourist destination that experiences the most colors in the sky. The sunrise here must be captured by with the romantically posing couples. One thing to remember is to reach the place on time to experience the most serene scenic background for your photo shoot.

How To Reach Puducherry

Nearest Airport

The Pondicherry Airport can accommodate only small aircraft and has flights coming from Bangalore and Hyderabad only. If you are from any other city, you can take up connecting flights.

Nearest Railway Station

Vilupuram is the nearest railway station which is located 35 kilometers from the town. Nagarcoli express and Pondicherry express are the two most famous trains that run to the place.

By Road

Pondicherry lies at National Highway 45 which is well connected to South India.


5. Aamby Valley

Aamby valley is located in the Pune District and is 23 kms from Lonavala. It is one of the best planned city of India. There are huge man made lakes made by constructing dams.

With the most beautiful Sahyadri mountain range acting as the best backdrop for photo shoots, Aamby Valley is just magical. The lakes and the greenery are the perfect combination. Couples can have a very romantic photo shoot over here and spend some quality time with each other.

Capture the sunrise over here by reaching the place at 4 am. Don’t miss it!

How To Reach Aamby Valley

Nearest Airport

Pune Airport is the nearest to Aamby Valley, Lonawala which is 64 kilometers away from the city. Cabs or taxis are easily available which can take you to the place from the airport.

Nearest Railway Station

Lonawala Railway station is 28 kilometers away from the city which is a great option to the place.

By Road

Aamby Valley city lies at National Highway 48 and can be reached through buses or cabs. One can even drive to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way.



Andaman Islands are a paradise for photographers. It is a dream for a shutterbug to shoot in the most adorable place of India. The place in itself is sufficient for a couple shoot as there are many beaches and unique islands.

Most desirable places for pre-wedding shoot in Andaman Islands :

6.1 Laxmanpur Beach

The beach provides the most stunning panorama. There is a natural Howrah Bridge for an amazing shoot while the sun sets at the horizon.

6.2 Havelock Islands

Up for some adventures? Here at Havelock beach go skying and go underwater and click pictures with corals and fishes. How romantic your shoot is going to be. The turquoise colored water is the best to shoot in.

6.3 Port Blair

The best part of shooting in Andaman is the number of beaches. The beaches are so clear and clean that they are going to take you to another world. Sunrise enroute Carbyns Cove Beach, Sunset at Chidiatapu are the two best places for a pre-wedding shoot.

How To Reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Nearest Airport

Direct flights are available only from Kolkata and Chennai. Flights from Delhi and Mumbai fly via Chennai or Kolkata. Veer Savarkar International Airport is the nearest airport.

Nearest Railway Station

Mostly all the railway stations are 1100 kilometers away from the island or Port Blair. Chennai airport is 1100 kilometers away.

By Road

There are no direct buses to the place.

7. Spiti Valley

Are you someone who loves adventure and is a wanderlust? If yes,  then be more romantic and crazy with your pre-wedding shoot. Get to this most peaceful place which is 14,200 ft above the sea level.  Forget your phones and your social life and be with your partner in Spiti Valley and get the most dramatic pre-wedding shoot.

Most desirable places for pre-wedding shoot in Spiti Valley

7.1 Dhankar Gompa

Dhankar Gompa is a village near Lahual in Spiti valley. The small village has some amazing views for a pre-wedding shoot. Totally natural in the lap of the nature this village has a monastery too where couples can take one or two shots.

7.2 Chandra Taal Lake

On such a height, near a lake what a shoot it will be. The Chandra Taal lake is a beautiful setting for pre-wedding shoot. With the mountains covered in snow and the clear water lake is a combination to die for.

How To Reach Spiti valley

Nearest Airport

There is no direct flight to Spiti valley. The nearest airport is Bhuntan in Kullu which is 245 kilometers away.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest railway station from Spiti is Chandigarh.

By Road

Regular buses run day and night from cities to Spiti valley. One can hire a cab too to reach the place.

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