4 Perfect Reasons For You To Have A Wedding Teaser

May 17, 2022

Importance of Wedding Teaser

The latest trend in wedding biz is a wedding teaser. You must be thinking “How is it different from wedding film”? The wedding film is capturing moments from beginning to end. It is just a process of showing the whole event, but it is long, and hence, a person may not be able to see the whole, so we create wedding teasers.


Teaser blends shooting creativity with storytelling and display glimpses of all the events. The video you see on our websites and blogs are all shot with a cinematic shots in mind. They all depict a story about the wedding in a short period of time. Each wedding starts out with a blank canvas and fills those blank canvas with all sorts of emotions and moments. While shooting cinematically, we try to capture all the feelings (be it bride and groom looking and smiling at each other, Mother wiping her tears, etc.) and then move around to capture other exciting details. Recording the whole event can be a little long, so to depict it in and tell the story in 3-4 minutes, we create wedding teasers.


All your joys, your emotional moments, fun interactions with friends, everything will be captured and will be combined in this 2-3 minute video. After watching this, you will feel grateful for every time your wedding photographer followed you annoyingly.


Following are some points describing what a wedding teaser does well.

Work of Video Teaser

A teaser is a short, captivating introduction of the main film. The primary purpose is to let the audience know about the upcoming film and to build up suspense and hype. They feature quick montage scenes from the film, which helps to show the gist of the main video. The idea of wedding cinematography and teaser is coming from the cinema only. The idea is to whet the appetite of the audience and to create anticipation and suspense for the wedding video.

Here at Video Tailor, we create Wedding Trailers for our patron for them to share on different social sites.

We created this Indian Wedding Teaser for our lovely client- Aditya and Sanjoli. This Royal Wedding Teaser represents the bond between our beautiful couple.

The way in starting our groom’s mom tells us about him, small moments between the bride and groom and yet the teaser is short and punchy, which fascinates the viewers without revealing too much of the main film. This shows the art of video cinematography.


Summarization of Actual Video

We all want shortcuts for things which are too long. Teasers can be termed as a shortcut, as it not only shows montage scenes of the final vid but also summarizes the whole video in some minutes. It emphasizes the essential moments of weddings, which made it best. They are easy to share on social sites so everyone can see how your big day turned out. It’s a small summary of your video, which will be reminiscing forever.

Similarly, the cinematic wedding teaser below of Raja & Sachi depicts the love they carry for each other and how their family and friends cherish their wedding ceremonies. Teaser is just a gist of the events and below is the best example of it.

Relive the Moment

Weddings are the most important days of everyone’s life. You go planning for months, weeks and days for your special day, and before you know it, it flashes by. One way to look at your magical day is photographs, but what if we tell you that there is one more way to relive it? Wedding photos are just a snapshot of the specific moment, whereas video and teasers are the entire moments. Teaser gives you a whole new way to reminisce your big day once more. In just 5-6 minutes, you relive the best moments that are captured in the teaser.


The best part about a wedding ceremony is the special vows newly-wed shares. In that exact moment, two people commit to love and cherish each other. The teaser enhances the moments in which newly-weds will always cherish.

Similarly, in this teaser, the way their love story is told in 6 minutes is a perfect example of relieving the moment again. The way our groom Jatin told us about his bride Nupur, and how Nupur told us about where it all started makes us believe that fairytale love still exists. We can be in the moment by watching this and relieve all the emotions the teaser wanted to show.

Emotionally Moving

On top of capturing every moment on video, we also capture each emotion displayed on your wedding day. Teaser adds a unique aspect to your wedding films as it shows the emotional ride of the bride, groom and family with a beautiful song in the background which acts as a cherry on top! We may think that photography plays the vital role in Wedding. But wedding films are a mosaic of timeless moments likewise teaser is the icing on the cake.

The teaser below of our beautiful pair is a mixture of emotions in just 3 minutes. The way their big day was shown and the song used was perfect, making the teaser unique in its own way.  Same the series of small serendipity makes this video emotionally moving.

Note: Release the wedding teaser after 2-3 weeks after your marriage. Forward it to all those who attended and to those too who couldn’t attend the wedding due to some reason. This will look as a warm gesture and they could see the insight.

Hoping that these points have convinced you about the importance of Wedding Teaser. Check out our YouTube channel and for more articles related to video, photography and more visit our blog channel.

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