Video Tailor’s Couples With Color Coordinated Dresses On Wedding Day

Couples Matching Outfits For Wedding looks like a dream come true. Coordination brought the two of you together, from being together in love, life and all the enchanting emotions. You have coordinated it all. Isn’t it? 

Have a look at Video Tailor’s Couples Who Wore Color Coordinated Dresses On Their Wedding Day-


We love how effortlessly coordinated our couple looks like. To not make it look like too extra and overdone. The perfectly embroidered white kurta worn by the groom brings out the subtle color choice of the bride so beautifully.

Color Coordinated Dresses

The yellow lehenga and choli gorgeously put together with the baby pink dupatta and a long veil, is nailing the vibe of her entire outfit complimented further by the groom’s white kurta worn with the matching pink coloured turban, and neck pieces with green emeralds to bring out more from the light colours.

Color Coordinated Dresses

It is always safe to choose a white kurta with a lot of detailing, and add similar colors from the lehenga worn by the bride to absolutely dazzle at your wedding.

Color Coordinated Dresses


This couple has taken it to the next level, they are not too coordinated but still coordinated. This is how you absolutely stun everyone with little effort of sharing just one color.

Couples Matching Outfits For Wedding

The bride’s maroon shaded picturesque lehenga is embroidered with tones of golden and silver embellishments accessorised with some outstanding matching jewellery. Followed by the groom’s kurta pajama and turban in the same tone, with only the dupatta stealing the show. The safa or the dupatta is paired in accordance to the bride’s maroon coloured lehenga.

Color Coordinated Couples

Another pair that chose to follow this outstanding trend of matching one piece from the entire outfit is sure to blow your mind.

Color Coordinated Couples

The brides outfit is a masterpiece creation with highlighting the maroon in a velvet touch, which is carried by the groom in his turban and dupatta.

Color Coordinated

The light pink dupatta decorating the bride like a crown on the queens head, is also seen in the kurta worn by the groom. The embroidery has been kept simple golden on both the outfits of the bride and the groom.

Color Coordinate


This pretty couple chose to rule their wedding in the most stunning shades of pink. This is one way to stand out amongst all the couples with color coordinated dresses. You can choose one pretty color and put together the pieces of your outfits in some similar shades of that color.

Color Coordinated

Just like this gorgeous couple who are shining bright and lovely, they have painted themselves pink. A Wedding Outfit like so can majorly be camera friendly.

Color Coordinated Dresses

She looks like a princess straight out of a fairytale. Isn’t she absolutely bringing the best out of the colors. The dupatta is kept simple to highlight the detailing of her lehenga.The bright pink chosen by the bride compliments the subtle pink worn by the groom.

Couples Matching Outfits For Wedding

The detailing and embroidery in the emerald green color on the groom’s subtle pink colored kurta is carved so perfectly parallel with the accessories worn by the bride. The safa and the turban are just like cherries on top of a beautiful pink cake.

4) RED

Couple Coordinated

“Meri pagg naal diyan channo chunniya hun jaan ke ravaun lag pai” – Our Couples Matching Outfits For Wedding dazzles in the forever favourite and original red. 

How gorgeously put together and coordinated this wedding outfit is, pleasing to the eyes and effortless.

Color Coordinated

Our bride chose to ditch the heavy lehenga and she chose to opt for an out of the world, extremely sensational red suit with heavy golden embroidery all over. Red lipstick to compliment the vibe, gota patti work on the dupatta bringing in the ancient trends back in life. Choose these colors to absolutely stun your Wedding Pictures.

Color Coordinated

The grooms turban is the perfect red identically enchanting like the bride’s charm in red. The red embroidery work on the grooms light golden kurta and dupatta with the gotta patti work goes perfectly with the vibe of the loud red.


Pastels are the new Wedding Trends of 2019. A couple wearing pastels on their wedding day brings out a decent and classy vibe altogether. For instance consider our mesmerizing couple bringing out the subtlety of pink and golden in their outfits.

Couple Coordinated Outfit

After perfectly coordinating the happiness and smiles, our couple leaves no stone unturned to coordinate their outfits. Our bride looks adorable and angel like in her pastel pink lehenga, the embroidery is precisely performed with other pastel colours, accessorised with tinted gold jewellery.

Color Coordinated


OHMYGOD!!!! As ancient as the color maybe for a wedding, it still holds an affirmation in our hearts. Look how effortlessly gorgeous this couple owns the red for themselves.

Couple Coordinated

The bride stuns us with the perfect blend of red in her Wedding Lehenga.

Color Coordinated Dresses

The groom is not even an inch behind at making headlines with hsi red turban and dupatta. The patch work on the kurta is so elegant.

Color Coordinated

If you are planning to get hitched anytime soon, you can take examples from our Couples Matching Outfits For Wedding.

We made sure from the excitement of the colors and the happiness; not one moment is missed with Video Tailors.


Manpreet is an over dramatic – overly enthusiastic personality obsessed with weddings.


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