Why to Hire an Expert Wedding Photographer for Small Wedding Functions?

May 18, 2022

Expert Wedding Photographer for Small Wedding Functions!

Your wedding day is the most important day and you have surely hired a expert wedding photographer for the day but there’s a good chance you did not hire a photographer for the smaller functions like haldi, mehndi, sangeet night other rituals native to your heritage.


Weddings now are no more just about a holy ceremony and one night. The Celebrations are getting bigger and spread over days. Every function needs to be captured and made eternal on cellulite.


Be it the haldi and mehndi ceremony, the cocktails, Sangeet ceremony every celebration is special for you and a subpar photographer would never be able to give you the photographs that satisfy your needs of capturing every special moment. This is why you should always shell out some extra bucks and hire a professional wedding photographer to cover the smaller events.

Reasons to Choose the Best Wedding Photographers for Small Functions of your Wedding

Undivided Attention:

You might think that these are small functions and home photography would be enough. You could ask your cousins to capture the event with any of your latest iPhone or one plus that boasts of a good camera but at the end they are also looking to enjoy the ceremony and be a part of the celebration. Putting such responsibility on them might be fun for them at first but this gamble may backfire on you and you might end up with photographs of only half the event. The problem with home photography is the person might get involved in the celebration and not take pictures when the main ceremony is taking place.

A professional wedding photographer, on the other hand, will have the sole aim of capturing the moments that are happening around at the ceremony and will not miss even one important moment.

Better Equipment:

No matter what high end phone you think will do the trick it just will fall short at some point. An expert wedding photographer will have high end camera and equipment that will enable him to click the best possible shot of any event. May it be a zoomed photo, a close up portrait, a depth enabled photo or low light shots indoor or at night. An over enthusiastic cousin who just wants to get hands on the reddest phone in the family vs a seasoned photographer who knows what he is doing. Who would you trust for capturing the photos of your events.

Important Moments:

You might think that these small functions are not that important and you don’t need to spend money on capturing the moments that happen at these events. But your wedding is not a one-day event, Every ritual every blessing by your elders, every gift, every emotion, every sweet served everything is a part of your wedding and you need it to be saved forever.

A photographer can capture the best candid moments:

Apart from the posing and photos of important moments in the rituals an expert candid photographer will click candid photos. You sharing some secret with your cousin or some uncles telling anecdotes. May be your little nieces and nephews having their own game of hide and seek, everything is special about the functions and candid photos will capture everything in its truest form, and give you chills whenever you look back at the photos. Reminding you of the greatest day of your life.

Expert Photographer / Novice Photographer

We can’t stress enough of the fact that the photographer you should hire has to be an expert in his field and he can’t be a total beginner or someone that hasn’t had good reviews.

Being a smart individual you have to understand if you cut costs while hiring a photographer it could backfire on you drastically and you could end up with no good photos and a hole in your budget. A good photographer will immortalize your rituals and give you photos that accentuate the ceremony.

It Isn’t a One Day Job

We are oblivious most of the times the backend work that goes in photographs. One might think that it isn’t worth spending so much but trust us more effort goes into touching and editing photos and its not a one day job and the service is worth every penny that you pay.

Getting accustomed with the important people

Every person has a different importance in the family and the photographer needs to know which group has the most fun vibes and who is important to you, What will you do with exotic candid’s of strangers or acquaintances that you barely know. So if you employ your wedding photographer to cover your wedding as well then you might just as well get the most bang for your buck.

Post Wedding shenanigans

Just like post credit scenes in some movies there is some action left after the wedding ceremony. Equivalent to reaching the destination after taking a journey that has been an emotional roller coaster. It gets overwhelming for everyone involved when the marriage is over. But the rituals aren’t over. You need to capture every part of the journey and post the wedding and an expert wedding photographer will capture the every moment very professionally.


Indian weddings are mostly seasonal with a high rush and demand for getting services in that season. Book your  wedding photographer in advance and keep a backup photographer if the odds don’t go in your favor by chance. Confirm with your photographer a week or two prior to your ceremonial day. This will help you in avoiding last minute cancellations. Book him for the whole week if you have rituals continuously

One Stop Shop For your needs

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