Top 10 Pre-Wedding Shoot Trends 2018

May 20, 2022

Trendy Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas For 2018

Pre-wedding shoot Trends: 2018

Have you been extremely excited for your pre-wedding shoot and want it to be as crazy and lively as possible? Then here are the topmost pre-wedding shoot trends of 2018 that you need to know before you plan further for your shoot. We assure you that all of these ideas are going to get you the most adventurous shoot ever.


Play With Colors

Do you have a closet full of blacks or whites? It is time to move on. It is your pre-wedding shoot after all.  Pre-weddings are generally the most exciting parts of a marriage. The couple has so many chances of exploring and falling for each other. Find out the undiscovered sides of your partner. Ditch the red gown and black tux. Coordinate your outfits, do some twinning (wearing similar clothes).


When “play with colors” is mentioned, it doesn’t only focus on wearing funky colors but the couple can actually goof around throwing colors on each other.  Paint each other’s face.  If you and your fiancé are adventurous and love to try some crazy stuff then you should definitely go and throw colors on each other.


Get Your Pets

Do you have pets and you love them more than anything. Why not take them along with you on your pre-wedding shoot.


Aren’t pets the best? They can literally light up your mood. Both of you can play around with them and have all the fun getting clicked. The naughty ones are going to make everything crazy and lifelike. The best part of shooting with them is that when you look at these photos after 10 years, they are going to make you the happiest and you could live those moments even then.


Visit Local Places

Why always look for beautiful places to shoot in when your surrounding places can be some great places too for your pre-wedding. The beautiful places can be a bit expensive with all the backdrops made.  Go out and explore places and to your surprise you might have some very quirky places to get your photo shoot done in. From the shutter of a closed shop to the little beautiful park in your locality all of these places can make up a great pre-wedding shoot.


Get Your Crazy Friends

Going for your pre-wedding shoot with your fiancé only, we suggest you to take your crazy friends along with you. They are the reasons behind all the fun and drama at your wedding functions. They are going to dance sing and tease you and it is all you need to make your shoot more fun. Posing just with your love is not it. Your friends can change your mood and your whole your gang can create some memories that are going to last forever.

Night Shoot

Why take the easy road when the road not taken is easier. For all the people who are lazy and do not want to wake up early in the morning for the perfect lighting can shoot at night too. What a unique kind of a shoot it is going to be. Run away from the clichéd morning shoot and enjoy night life. Bring out the owl in you who doesn’t want to sleep.


Themes like going on a dinner date, star gazing, walk at night, kissing in front of the moon can make your photo shoot really lit and you are actually going to enjoy it without any restrictions. Wander around all night and have the most romantic pictures for your entire lifetime.


Bring Out Your Sporty Side

Always wanted to try some adventurous sports? How about doing them together and getting the real moments captured. These are the actual moments you want to treasure. The fun you both are going to have, will be reflected on your pre-wedding album. Scuba diving, para-gliding, sea walk are some exciting activities to do and get clicked. Not just the daring sports but also some very regular ones like cycling, boating etc can be chosen. The most exclusive video can be made while you undertake these sports. All the fear, happiness, serenity everything can be captured so well. The real emotions are going to splash in your photos.

The whole theme is just about going gaga and living in the moment.

Candle Light On The Beach

We all fall in love with the candle light dinners that take place on beaches. The surreal setting is best for a date. Not just this but the whole ambience with candles and lights all around and a table in the center are exceptional for a pre-wedding shoot. The immensely beautiful backdrops of the sea and the candles are the best and the most romantic ones. You can get as many cool outfits as you want. From traditional to western everything is going to suit your background.


Re-create Your First Moments

It isn’t compulsory to get new clothes and location for your pre-wedding shoot. You can also take out the outfits you wore for your first date. Not just your first date you can also re create all your first moments. All the attention during the first times was on each other, how about now getting all of them captured. From your first date to your first kiss everything can be represented well. Create a scene just like your first one in the restaurant you went and the outfits you wore.

Miniature Shoot

Miniature shoot are the new black in the wedding season. They are one the most innovative kind of shoots. The monotonous shoots in front of the backdrops can be done in a better way now.


These shoots can be a lot of fun. There is a lot room for the couple to enjoy the little things during these shoots. Sitting on the rings together, driving the little vintage car, proposing her with a huge rose, having a tiny breakfast on the very small dining table, all these are just some examples of the miniature shoot. A lot of experimentation can be done with the outfits as well as the props and backgrounds.


Graffiti Walls

How about not posing with the imitated set ups and going all natural with the graffiti walls. Graffiti walls are not just a splash of art but are way too appealing. Couples can play in front of the extravagant walls. These backdrops do not bind you to poses. The colorful walls will bring out the most creative side of you and your partner. Contrast your outfits with the chromatic colors of the walls. Not just the western dresses but the traditional Indian wear can be worn and posed in.


We hope that these ideas are going to bring a lot of happiness. These enjoyable moments are priceless and can we treasured for a lifetime.

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