5 Silhouette poses for pre-wedding shoots to hype up the Romance.

May 20, 2023

You know, pictures with the sun behind the back are disappointing. You block the light source from falling and the dark shady portrait is stored in the camera reel which you get rid of after. This picture that you got yourself is popularly called silhouette photography and if you are creative enough, you can use this situation to squeeze in some dramatic shoots for your pre-wedding as well.


If you want some silhouette portraits of you and your partner, we have some poses just for your pre-wedding shoots but to get these shots, you need to make sure that the source of light is behind your back and there is no source of light falling on your face. 

VideoTailor Pre-wedding shoot



The Eskimo kiss pose is easy to create. Just touch your nose with your partner and rub them together. You can even hold your hands together. The low camera angle is favorable for this pose. For creating some cinema-worthy photo looks, we recommend a net saree for the lady to flaunt her flowy end fabric for this shot. 


Dancing around is what you want to do when you are with your companion. Away from troubles and away from the city, in your own La La land. The waltz is one of the classic silhouette poses you should definitely add to your list. Just twirl your beloved around you under the sun or in fact under the moon and the results will definitely be in your favour.

vIideoTailor Silhouette pre-wedding photoshoot
VideoTailor silhouette pre-wedding photoshoot


Now if you understand the subject and the light source, you can introduce some colors as well to your photographs. Casting shadows with colorful lights creates a unique contrast in the photographs giving your picture some pop. Introduce the source of light in parallel to your height behind your back and hold your partner pecking her forehead. You can even introduce some props as per the location you are preferring in order to add some detail to your photographs


Strolling around the sunrise and the sunset is so romantic. When the sun’s rays are scattered around the sky catering to calmness and peace all around the environment. It’s just a canvas baked freshly out from its serene nature. This hour provides the perfect temperature and offers a varied colour palate at the same time as well. Go ahead with the idea of posing along with tall and bushy trees to compliment your pictures as well and just spend quality time in the scenic beauty without having the pressure to look a certain kind. 

VideoTailor silhouette Pre-wedding photoshoto
VideoTailor silhouette pre-wedding photoshoot


For creating this image, you just need to prefer a road with a lot of trees planted on both sides of it. Placing the light source at your level, you can pose to walk holding hands or just stand still looking at each other, possibilities here are infinity. You can even opt for headlights of your car as the light source to get an exhibit of some creativity.

Photography is all about playing around with light, angles, and focus length. by applying some 8th-grade physics and your creativity, you could surely turn opportunities in your favour. Shadow poses are not at all disappointing when you know how to modify them into your own style and could be one of the best memories you captured for your pre-wedding so do not shy away to capture a few of them.

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