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May 7, 2023

Getting the right outfit that complements the theme and backdrop of your pre-wedding shoot is super important. These are the photos that will hold a lot of memories that you and your partner will cherish years after your marriage. Hence, choosing the perfect outfit and getting the best out of the photos is imperative. We are here to make your task easier by listing trending pre-wedding outfit ideas for your photoshoot. 

Video Tailor Tip: Choosing the right colours is as important as choosing the right outfit. Before finalising your outfits, discuss with your photographer the backdrops or locations that will be used for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Your photographer will surely help you choose the right colours for your outfits that complement your backdrops.

Whether you are looking for casual options or luxurious formal ones, these pre-wedding outfits are going to help you decide what will suit you the best.


1. Keep it simple!

If you want to go for a casual look, keep your outfits as simple as possible. Minimal outfits with basic colours can work wonders. 

VideoTailor pre wedding casual outfit image
VideoTailor prewedding casual outfit

2. Woolen outfit for winter

If you are planning your shoot in the winter, go for a simple woolen dress to give your photos a warm and comforting vibe. 

VideoTailor prewedding woolen outfit

3. Summery look

If yours is a summer shoot, then flowy midi dresses are your go-to option, paired with simple linen shirts or tees to get that summery look.

VideoTailor prewedding summery outfit
VideoTailor prewedding summery outfit

4. Matching PJs

Amp up your photos by choosing PJs for your pre-wedding shoot. Give your photographs an intimate and cozy vibe with satin pyjamas or night suits. You can also go for matching outfits!

VideoTailor prewedding matching outfit

5. White on Denim

Denim and white are a classic combo that will never fail you. It would be a fantastic choice for a fun and laid-back date-themed pre-wedding session.

VideoTailor prewedding white on denim outfit


1. Saree and Formal Suit

A saree can never go out of style. If you want to fulfil your Bollywood fantasy, a gorgeous chiffon saree is what you need, paired with a formal 3 piece suit. Ruffled and satin sarees are in style nowadays. Want to add some shimmer to your photographs? Go for a dazzling sequin saree.

VideoTailor prewedding saree outfit
VideoTailor prewedding saree outfit

2. Lehenga and Sherwani

Lehengas are another great option if you want to take your traditional outfit game to the next level. Bright or pastel-coloured lehengas paired with a sherwani will definitely add to the wedding vibes. 

VideoTailor prewedding lehenga outfit


1. Long Gowns and Tuxedos

Long, flowy gowns have always been in fashion when it comes to pre-wedding shoots. Gowns and structured dresses paired with a formal suit are your best choice if you are looking for a grand pre-wedding shoot. Remember, red and maroon never go out of style.

VideoTailor prewedding yellow gown outfit
VideoTailor prewedding red gown outfit

2. Classic Black and White Combo

Go for the classic white bridal gown with a black formal suit outfit for your pre-wedding shoot. After all, it is your wedding; why not celebrate it early?

VideoTailor prewedding black and white outfit
VideoTailor prewedding black and white outfit

3. Ditch the gown

Don’t want to wear an OTT gown? No problem. Go for a basic long dress to look ravishing in your pre-wedding photographs.

VideoTailor prewedding long dress outfit
VideoTailor prewedding long dress outfit


These are the most popular pre-wedding outfit ideas, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to this list. You can always experiment with the outfits and wear what you think makes you feel comfortable and alluring at the same time.

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