Pre-wedding Photoshoot with pets and animals.

May 20, 2023
Pre-wedding Photoshoot with pets and animals

Pre-wedding photoshoot is all about celebrating your love, relationship, and companionship with your partner. Well, animals symbolize loyalty and trust which are pillars of any relationship, and not including them in your pre-wedding shoots is quite irrelevant, isn’t it? 


There are infinite possibilities to introduce these cuties in your pre-wedding out of which, we have handpicked some of the best which will bring definitely bring joy to your faces.

Videotailor pre-wedding photoshoot with animals

Twinning with Your Pets for Picture Paw-fiction!

If you are considering going along with introducing your pets to your pre-wedding photoshoots, consider twinning with them along with the themes you plan out on. This will add to the aww factor and definitely add charm to your photographs. You can give them custom-made tuxedos or just a bow tie to make them look sleek along your side.

Gallop into Majesty

Horses are often associated with ongoing blooming affairs, and they are trustworthy creatures throughout the turmoils of the journey of life. These creatures are easily tamed and are human-inclined. Horses are associated with royalty and kingship as well. Having a photoshoot along with them will give a posh look depicting elegance with regards to any theme you like to go with. 

Videotailor pre-wedding photoshoot with animals
Videotailor Pre-wedding photoshoot with animal

Wings of Joy

Flying birds are the pillars of freedom, the spirit of life, and independence.

Irrespective of any place especially in India, you have these designated feeding stations for pigeons. Whether it’s your terrace or pavement near the park, you will find pigeons in abundance. Keep your camera ready and have fun running behind them holding hands and giggling together like kindergartners. This cute little moment will definitely make it to the wall of your living room.

Photoshoot of the sands with majestic camels

Being the Mr. Ship of the Desert, camels are one of the most cooperative animals in the universe. They don’t complain about water and heat. Having a camel will articulate some gypsy vibes and you can add vibrant colours to bring out the contract amid any barren land. The Lost in the Desert theme will do wonders with this mighty creature. 

VideoTailor Pre-wedding photoshoot with animals
VideoTailor pre-wedding photoshoot with animals

Love and Joy in Endearing Pet Cuddle Portraits

Having your pets and not having the evergreen poses of all time, NAAH!!! You should definitely add to those affectionate and heart-warming and confronting cuddles along with your partner. The clicked image will express your genuine happiness along with your little ball of fur having a great time as well. This activity will also ensure your better half is also sharing some of his moments with your pet.

Paws and Reflection of Animals in Your Photoshoot

Involving pets and animals during your pre-wedding photoshoot may sound genuinely awesome but have some points to ponder upon as well. They can be extremely moody and can also react differently due to the presence of camera flashes or may just be due to their nature. The vendors dealing with animals can potentially charge a higher rate as well which can defer. Moreover, it is also necessary to make a compulsion not to harm these lovely creatures while the long hours of the shoot and understand their needs as well. Any stunt or activity of yours must not be at the cost of an animal’s life causing an act of cruelty. 

Image credits: VideoTailor

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Frequently Asked Questions (FaQ)

Why should I consider including animals in my pre-wedding photoshoot?

Animals symbolize loyalty and trust, essential pillars of any relationship. Including them in your pre-wedding shoots adds joy and relevance to your celebration of love, relationship, and companionship.

How can I incorporate my pets into the photoshoot?

Consider twinning with your pets by matching outfits or accessories to enhance the charm of your photographs. Custom-made tuxedos or bow ties for your pets can make them look sleek and adorable by your side.

Why should I consider including animals in my pre-wedding photoshoot?

Animals symbolize loyalty and trust, essential pillars of any relationship. Including them in your pre-wedding shoots adds joy and relevance to your celebration of love, relationship, and companionship.

What about majestic horses in pre-wedding photoshoots?

Horses are associated with ongoing blooming affairs, trust, and royalty. They can add a posh and elegant look to your photos, reflecting these trustworthy creatures’ timeless beauty and grace.

Can birds like pigeons bring a unique element to the photoshoot?

Birds symbolize freedom and the spirit of life. Incorporating pigeons in your photoshoot can create whimsical moments of joy as you capture playful interactions with these graceful creatures in abundance.

How can camels contribute to a memorable photoshoot?

Camels, known as the “Ship of the Desert,” exude a cooperative nature and add a touch of gypsy vibes to your photos. With vibrant colors against a barren landscape, the “Lost in the Desert” theme can create awe-inspiring and unforgettable images.

Should I include cuddling moments with my pets in the photo shoot?

Absolutely! Capturing affectionate and heartwarming moments with your pets can express genuine happiness and showcase the bond shared with your furry companions. Your partner can also join in, creating beautiful memories together.

Are there any considerations when involving animals in the photo shoot?

Animals can react differently to camera flashes or become moody. It’s crucial to work with vendors experienced in handling animals and ensure their well-being throughout the shoot. Never engage in activities that harm the animals or compromise their safety.

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