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baby photoshoot baby shower photoshoot video tailor

With the arrival of baby in this digital era, every camera worthy gadget is filled with the innocence, beauty, mischief, and liveliness of the kid. Well, while capturing those moments to convert them into beautiful memories, the importance of hiring a professional photographer is definitely realised, right?
In an infant photoshoot, the biggest challenge for a novice photographer is to guide a few days or months old child to pose or to stay still. A newborn baby photo shoot takes a lot of patience and time, but the end result is surely way too good to justify it!

Let’s take a look at several ways to capture the essence of the tiny pack of merriness!

1. Portrait vs Lifestyle

Lifestyle photography is all about capturing the candid shots whilst the models are living in the moment, this photography style is preferred for camera conscious models or babies. We understand how fascinating it is to look at a series of photographs of babies taken during a portrait session. And, no, we’re not saying it is impossible; however, the kid, not you or us, is in charge of the shoot. To retain calm, it is often preferable to prepare the schedule so that the child’s belly is full.

new born baby shoot video tailor
baby photoshoot video tailor

2. Wear your eagle lenses to details!

It is always advisable to capture the tiny hands, feet, cheeks, eyelashes, eyes, and nose of the infant! We try pulling out baby’s fingers and letting them rest on their cheek or under the chin if he/she’s curled up up close! It’s also cute to photograph the tiny feet while the parents are holding them.

baby photography maternity shoot video tailor
baby photoshoot video tailor

3. Bring in your Uniqueness

We want to add a little something special to your newborn photography theme. It’s even more satisfying to make something exclusive or never seen before. Consider new ways to use texture, props, and the setting to make each session unique.
It may be a handcrafted quilt or a priceless heirloom. We look for some lovely flowers or fun props that the parents would like to include in the pictures. We aim to think beyond the box and let the imagination run wild!

baby photoshoot baby photography video tailor
baby photoshoot video tailor

4. Family, where you at?

Including family in baby photography is always a good idea and a lot of fun. It not only aids in capturing affection and bonding, but it also makes the baby approachable for the shoot.

Tap on the full family or the family ladder for a mix of sweet and royal.

new born baby shoot video tailor
baby photoshoot family shoot video tailor

5. Then vs Now

Yes, it was saved for last, the most precious and favoured shoot for a new born infant! Creating a frame of an anticipating mother and, on the other hand, an enthusiastic and nurturing mother with her child is always fun and thoughtful!

baby photoshoot maternity shoot video tailor
baby photoshoot video tailor

A child is a gift from God, and every parent wishes to keep their child’s happy memories alive. Without a second thought, childhood is the best time of one’s life, and we, at Video Tailor, give an exclusive child photography session to catch those special moments.

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