Must Have Engagement Pics That You Just Can’t Miss

May 18, 2022

Must Have Engagement Pics

Engagement , or can be said the tradition of exchanging the rings is a beautiful Indian tradition which is held just before the marriage. It has its own importance as the couples promise each other to stay by their partners’ side forever . The logic behind the Ring ceremony is to increase the understanding between the families of the bride and groom to be. Being engaged is a kind of last step to get married . And, These precious moments should be captured perfectly . There are some Must Have Engagement Pics that no couple should miss . As , these moments will be remembered by the partners for lifelong .


Top Must Have Engagement Pics

As , Ring Ceremony is an important tradition in Indian Wedding , Here are some Must Have Engagement Pics enlisted .


1. Enormous Rings

The rings plays an important role in the Ring Ceremony which is obvious . As it is not only ring , but also a symbol for being each others forever . It shows the unbreakable vow between the partners. So rings must be captured beautifully . It is one of the Must Have Engagement Pics which as it is worth it .

2. Happiness Starts From Here

Pictures of Bride’s and Groom’s hands with the engagement rings are beautiful . They reflects the togetherness of the couple and thats why it should be added to the list of Must Have Engagement Pics . It can be captured in various styles like Groom’s hand can be placed on the bride’s hand or vise versa . The picture is simple but it holds a beautiful emotion so it must be captured.

3. Capturing The Real Happiness

Such poses are just so mesmeric that one can’t deny to be captured like this . It is a picture that every couple must have in their album of Ring Ceremony . The couple holding the rings together which is in focus and the couple in the blurred background looking at each other or kissing each other , looks so elegant and romantic . It makes the Indian tradition of ring ceremony more beautiful .

4. She Said “YES”

The groom placing the ring in the bride’s hand is definitely a romantic moment and a must captured pose . It is a pose which can be captured without any instruction . It should be captured naturally as it will look most beautiful when the real happiness can be captured on the couple’s face during the ring exchange .

5. One Step Closer To The Wedding

The ritual of Ring Ceremony gets completed when both of them place rings on each other’s hand . It should also be captured beautifully when the girl places the ring in the groom’s hand . It is also the most important picture that every couple must have .

6. It Isn’t Official Till It’s Indian Official

Flaunting the engagement rings like this shows that they are officially together and ready to marry each other . The Indian ritual and tradition of ring ceremony is best way to show that they are ready to be the each others’ , which is the most beautiful moment for both of them .The Indian way of the Ring Ceremony is the best and one in all .

7. Promise For Being Constant

Such candid captures of holding hands reflects that they are promising each other for being constant in their life. They promise each other to be on their partner’s side. Poses with the holding each other’s hands with the rings on the hand is a beautiful pose which should be captured in engagement.

8. Authentic love

The groom to be holding hand of the bride to be like this is the most beautiful pose which is full of love and care. The pose seems to be the most elegant pose which signifies that the groom to be will never leave the bride to be . Doesn’t matter whatever the situation will be . It is a pose which should definitely be shorted .

9. Spark Of Love

A pic of couple together is a must captured pic. After the ritual completed , It is picture that every couple must have . Make sure that facial expression of the couple should not be fake . They should be happy in real . Sometimes it gets difficult to capture such pictures as the couple gets tired of giving poses so it is best to capture the candid at that time .

So , these were some Must Have Engagement Pics that you should not miss at any cost . These pictures will surely increase the beauty of your album of the engagement. People don’t pay attention on these little things , which is wrong. Engagement is an important tradition of someone’s life and it should be captured gracefully.

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