Music Playlist For Birthday Party Event

May 24, 2022

Birthday Party Event Playlist

Birthday, the most awaited day for every individual around the year. It’s basically the re-encountering of the date on which you were actually born, the year or some years back that adds to the number to your growing age. To make it go awesome, Music Playlist for Birthday Party Event will be the best thing that can be added to it.


The birthday party is actually a manner to celebrate the happiness of your birth by involving the family members, friends, office colleague or with close ones. As a ritual, the birthday or the birthday party event includes the cake cutting, some birthday songs to wish the birthday and best of click to record the memory.


It doesn’t matter about the age, the joy and happiness can be celebrated at any age and anytime. It’s just that the celebration type and songs to enlist for different age group has the difference. The young generation won’t be interested in tapping their steps at the slow lyrical songs of 70’s and 80’s.


So, here we have categorized the age group and accordingly, the songs name are mentioned that may help the readers to put these in their playlist of birthday party event.


Songs for Birthday Party Event:


The little cuties are the not so mature to understand what the birthday is exactly until and unless they attain the toddler age of 3-4 years. For them the soft tune birthday wishing song is more likely to fit in that could be soothing to them. There we can put this music playlist for birthday party event that could make their feet‘s steps on the floor so that they can enjoy the celebration too.

The Happy Birthday Tune Song


You Make Me Smile


Dil Hai Chota Sa

Itni Si Hasi

Nothing But Love



Every age group differs, and so does their mind and opinion. The way the toddler celebrate their special birthday is different from those of child and teenager group. This age group like little rocky and fast track tunes. They understand the celebration and wish to make it the best. As the teenager group is actually the fascinating one, they like to have some standard and classy music.

Happy Birthday Girl

Birthday- Katy Perry

Chote Tera Birthday Aaya

Happy Birthday



The young adult is the group that has turned little mature and like to celebrate the day in a romantic manner. Similarly, the actual adult group who stand in the age group of 21-39 years tunes up with romantic, soothing and the party rocking songs. They would more likely feel the music in romance and celebrate the eve with more joy and excitement than the child group and teenager. Along with the family and their friends, they even include their office colleagues also. They enjoy every inch of the event with great zeal and zest, so the idea of a music playlist for birthday party event would be a helpful one.

Baby Ka Hai Birthday Bash

Aaj Ki Party Meri Taraf Se

Happy Birthday by Diljit

Aww Tera Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ishq Forever



Now comes the last phased group, the middle-aged who are most likely 40-60 year old and the senior citizen group who stand above the age of 60 years love to have the 70’s and 80’s tune. The old, slow and rhythmic songs are the best what suits them.

Baar Baar (Happy Birthday)

Tumko Hamari Umar Lag Jaye


Apart from the music, dance and celebration the snaps are all the must part of any event. So, let me sum a bit about the birthday party photography session.


Birthday Party Photography Session:

As said, the birthday party event is just not about the day celebration, rather it even involves the capturing and then clicks that one could some up as nostalgic memories in his/her album for lifelong.


This part is for all the age group, they wish to capture all for making it the best memory for smiling someday with utmost happiness.


We at video tailor provides you with the best photoshoot for the occasion of birthday photography. If you wish to album your birthday party this time, you may tell us and we will be there to serve you the best from our side.


Video Tailor is a video and photography company that captures various shoots, among which one is the birthday party event. We provide our customer with best snaps and capturing. So, my dear readers if you wish to have the best music at your birthday party event you may choose the names from this blog. I guess the information and lines stated above about the music playlist for birthday party event are helpful for all my readers.

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