How YouTube videos contribute to Business branding

May 25, 2022

“If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million words”

In Present times, the world is changing it’s way of doing things and making it as easy as it can. Same applies to business. Nowadays smart businesses are increasing their branding or brand value by video marketing and video promotions through common video platforms like youtube and dailymotion, because Branding video has many merits over simple blogs like-


  • Videos attract 300% more audience than blogs and gain 20% more attention.
  • It is estimated that by 2019  the videos will have a share of 80% web traffic.
  • According to youtube , the rate of watching videos are growing at 100% per annum.
  • 79% of people would rather watch a video about something than read about it.
  • Top business schools are focusing more and more on digital marketing than traditional marketing which is now becoming history. For more information regarding Branding please click Here.

Major significance of YouTube videos in brand building are-

#1- Spread awareness about your business

Branding is nothing but a process of establishing trust in the name and symbol of your brand. But how would they trust you if they don’t know you? So in the first few Branding videos, you can tell about your journey, your company infrastructure and how hard much work and dedication you put into making the products. Also, you can showcase and highlight the ideology and ethics of your company which will definitely have a positive impact on the audience.


#2- Have Better Exploitability

According to eMarketer an average buyer would rather watch a video explanation rather than read about it to know the significance on how to use and uses of the product.

Because of this psychology of the consumers, having the explanation videos on the web page and company social sites have now become an untold rule in the corporate world. Also in explanation videos, it is recommended to use animation as it will make the Branding video more interesting and it would be easy to explain it in the animation mode with less cost and less time and with no obligation to creativity.


#3- Videos are engaging

Among the 5 senses of a human being, which is the most important sense? The answer is simple ‘Vision’. The Human mind learns better while looking at a video than reading about the product. Let’s face it. Customers are either too lazy or too busy to read long boring product descriptions, they want something fancy and interesting and entertaining with the essential information which is easily possible in a video.

Videos have a global reach on YouTube platform and the reasons why videos are gaining importance are that they are easily consumable. They focus both on the eyes and ears and have a short time span. but the responsibility of making your Branding video interesting rests on you, always remember the more the consumer connects with the video the more he/she will trust you, your products and your brand.


#4- Have Share-ability

In present times, Each and every person is virtually connected with each other through the internet, the Internet has literally made the world smaller with unlimited interacting platforms like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc. So why not take advantage of it.

YouTube videos can easily be shared on almost every social platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. but why would a person share your videos among his social and peer groups? He/she would only share your video if the video is entertaining and interesting or is extraordinary in terms of creativity. Hence make a Branding video according to it. Make an awesome Branding video and then see the magic, the more people share it, the more your brand’s popularity will increase.


#5- Customer Testimonials

When you are trying to convince the customers about your brand and products, the smart customers often think about why should they trust you? They are already satisfied with the products they are using so why would they be willing to take the risk of trying something new?

To tackle it we have customer testimonials which are proven really effective for addressing these questions because a typical customer would naturally trust a fellow customer like himself than some fancy company’s advertisements.

A consumer testimonial should start with the problems the customer had faced because of which he/she decided to use the product, then followed by the introduction of a product like price, brand, contents, expiry date etc and then a discussion about the pros and cons of the product and finally a summary of the product. For a good customer testimonial, you can contact your real customers with whom you have best relationships with and make them your brand advocates. Remember it is not an advertisement, hence it shouldn’t look like an advertisement but an honest review from the customers.


#6- Easily Accessible with almost no cost

Youtube videos are no doubt the easiest and cheapest way to reach the general people. Youtube is easily accessible to most of the people who operate the internet then what’s stopping you from making full use of it? You should consistently keep making videos of great content and if any of your videos go viral, there will be an all-round increase in the subscription and views to your YouTube channel which would ultimately result in the increased popularity of your business brand and products.


7#- Promotes business as Public Friendly

Most of the videos you would share on YouTube will be related to the solution of the problems of the customers, Q and A sessions, product demos, frequently asked questions etc. These type of Branding videos will help in building your image as a customer friendly and sincere organization. The people will surely begin loving and recognizing your brand name and symbol because you will be focusing on their problems and you are delivering to them what they want exactly.

#8- Builds Trust

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and in this new age, Branding videos not only need content but an ignition. The success of your brand will depend not only on traffic but also on trust as well but how are you going to build up this trust? The answer is through creativity.  Yes, creativity because these creative videos will have the power to engage the audience until the end of the video and ignite their opinions. Have you heard about that golden statement? If you want to make your corporate video successful then ‘Either make your audience laugh or cry’. Also with the help of your promotional videos, customer testimonials, FAQs and with the tie-up with customer-specific Youtubers you can easily channel the audience’s attention towards your videos and win their trust. Once the audience’s trust is established then they will surely be loyal to your brand for a long period of time.


So here, we have shared with you why and how you should utilize the power of Youtube fully to make a strong Branding video. The Branding videos are the need of the hour and those who understand this can survive in the long run. If you find this article beneficial and helpful in any manner then do like and share and feel free to share any of your queries regarding this article in the comment section below. Thank you

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