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May 18, 2023

Groom poses are not given much thought in comparison to the brides as it is significantly presumed that they are not much involved in entertaining the lens singlehandedly.

On the contrary,  our Grooms too love posing for the camera as much as brides do. But then there is not much to do for him to get himself unique portraits. if your mind is on the same track, then we have some examples to let you think otherwise. 

Videotailor groom photoshoot

Groom Photoshoot with Room Items

In the room you are staying in, get creative using them. Use a mirror for example. Switch on all the bright lights and just stand in front of your mirror looking at the reflection pretending you are getting ready to go. Can also shift your scarf or any accessories you are carrying along with your attire. 


You will be needing some friends or your cousins to pose for this shot. Stand in the middle asking your boys to look in a particular direction. Use a well-lit area and preferably an open premises for giving more room to pose. Shades are recommended for the groom to look like the leader of your very own team of Avengers.

Videotailor groom photoshoot
videotailor groom photoshoot

Wannabe Model

The wannabe model shot is easy to recreate. Just cross your one foot behind and engage your hands. Either pretend to touch your hair or fix your tie or just adjust your cufflinks. It’s your call to look at the camera or to look down. Do not forget to flash a smile.  

A Majestic Groom Warrior with a Sword

If you are carrying a sword with you for a wedding day, why not flaunt it for the photos? Mimic portrait poses like an aristocrat either holding it in your hand just like our dashing groom in the picture. Keep your legs at a little distance with one slightly pointing towards the other side and the other at the front. 

Videotailor groom photoshoot
Videotailor Groom photoshoot

Timeless groom with a turban

While you are getting ready, you can still manage to steal some of the shots as well. While asking someone to tie the piece of cloth on your head, you can also pose assisting him or simply holding the end of the fabric.  You can even pretend to fix the turban. This will give a candid touch to your photos. This is one of the classic groom poses. 

Showcasing Your Finest in the Groom Photoshoot

There are no rules when you flaunt your accessories. With the accessories you are carrying, you can get as creative as you want. Just as shown, you can adjust your pearl chain with both hands or just pose like you are wearing it. You can also pose like you are adjusting your ring and smile while looking at it.

videotailor groom photoshoot
videotailor groom photoshoot

 Capturing the Charisma of the Groom

Close Side profile shots look the most classy of all. Make sure you include this in your list. Wearing a tuxedo for this shot will give the vibe of an agent on a secret mission. Take the liberty to look in the opposite direction of the camera and play around with your bow tie/ tie. You can also look at your phone to give a candid touch as well.

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