Editing a Wedding Video

May 19, 2022

Key Elements of Wedding Video Editing

Since wedding is the most important event in people’s lives, many couples see the value in investing money to ensure that their raw wedding footage is transformed into a beautiful and memorable fairytale wedding video. This is not surprising because you can really see the difference between an amateur editing and that of a professional. Below are some of the elements that you will see in a professional wedding video editing that may not be present in a video done by amateur editors.

Skillfully Narrating the Story

Editors exhibit novicity where they fail to narrate a story out of the raw video footage collected by them.  A wedding is the most important event for anyone, so simply putting a straightforward video of the ceremony and reception may not be good enough for most of the couples. Professional editors have the ability to put the raw footage in such a manner that it smoothly narrates the tale and showcase correct tone, emotions and finally come up with a beautiful Product that is capturing and worth spending for the couple.


Seamless Transition and Flow between the scenes

Another element that is perceptible in a professionally edited video is seamless transition and flow between scenes. This becomes difficult if the footage recorded is by an inexperienced and video quality is poor. If a video is not edited up to the mark, it just seems to be like a presentation of pictures or clips rather than a smooth flowing story. Some traits of inexperienced editors are like mismatched shots, jumped cuts, incomplete transitions and disturbances in the flow of video

Tasteful Use of Vignettes, Mattes, and Masking

Masterfully utilized effects can add nostalgia, bring attention to something important or set the tone of the video. Utilizing the effects masterfully can bring about that nostalgia, grab the attention towards the important elements and set the video in a flow. Proper use of vignettes in a video can attach a touch of tranquility to a scene or add a vintage effect to the video. Adding Masks and mattes effect can also be used to create depth or slightly darken borders. However, too much use of these effects can make a video look amateurish.


Time Remapping and Other Special Effects

To create a cinematic video of your wedding, professional editors usually opt to use time remapping to improve the storytelling. Since every wedding is rare and special, editors usually try to capture footage of all that is happening in the occasion. In order to achieve this, they utilize time-condensing replays of large groups or long events. Other special effects include using slow motion replays, transforming 2D images to 3D, photo montage with soft transitions, and even adding texts and messages. The use of advanced editing tools for effects can create a fantastic movie from your raw wedding video footage.


Importance of Proper Lighting Effect

Lighting effects, such as spotlights, flashes, and lens flares are responsibilities of the videographer itself. However, there is another option to it as well; if the person who took the original raw footage did not succeed in attaining the correct lighting effects during the shoot, then he can opt create lighting effects during post production. Thus by adding the correct lighting conditions, one can set the emotion, tone or mood to the video. Also adding the camera bulb flashes or focusing a spotlight to a scene is an essential effect in producing dramatic effects.

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