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March 29, 2022
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A location depicting Indian architecture and history with scenic and refreshing view is what you’ll get from this place. It is located between the mountain ranges and is absolute glory which results as a picturesque location for a pre wedding shoot. Some of the rooms in the suite will give to those catchy balcony views which you have always thought in your dreams.

Peacocks chirping in the backyards is a bliss! The hotel is tucked among the hills and makes for a great investment for sure. And most of all, a lake called Siliserh lake is nearby the location which makes a perfect add on for sure. Truly a versatile place with a pinch of royal surrounding and wide background. Many couples have done their shoot earlier in this location and all of them have a satisfactory word after the shoot. A suite like palace situated in nowhere of mountains is never less than a feeling of being a king and queen of good times. Dadhikar Fort is a historical monument and is preserved by the authorised trustees of the fort. Thus its maintenance is descent and you can expect high results. A chamber is provided in order to capture the whole scenario of the fort alongside the couple. Sunset shots can be a bliss when captured intentionally.Do try this location and this will never disappoint you.



1. Flexible & Nearby Route

A fort location which is just 2-3 hours from Delhi is more than enough to convince you to get your pre wedding shoot done there. The roads are smooth and good to go for a road trip. You do not have to worry about the directions since the route is easy and direct. You can take the help of google assistant for more detailing and if you are having problem in finding the location.

2. Economically Beneficial

This location is fairly economical when compared to other royal fort and suite type locations Fairmont and ITC Manesar. An economically complete package can be major point in deciding your pre wedding shoot location.Taking a economical step and choosing this place can be a good decision. Ofcourse a good decision if you are particularly looking for place with such compatibility and economic fares.

3. Complimentary Changing & Rest Room

A stranded room will be provided to the couple for dress changing and makeup. This actually helps!Since you to change accordingly if you want your prewedding shoot in different costumes. Also, this will help to look your album even better. You can rest along in between if you feel tired during the shoot.

4. Drone Cameras Are Allowed

Drone cameras are allowed in the location which will definitely make an impact on the shoot. You can capture along those greenish and wide locations in frame with the help of this.If the drone operating data is capable enough, the whole mountain alongside the couple and palace can be covered and it will always look good.

5. A Magnificent Lake Nearby

Siliserh lake is situated nearby. So if you are also looking to get a shoot on the bank of a lake, this is the only place for that.We did a boat sequence shoot in the lake the results were exceptionally magnificent. Why wait now



1. Add-on Expenditure

You need to reach there early in the morning for one day shoot. Which means extra transportation and food cost apart from your package.

2. Time Management can be an Issue

If you are looking to get clicked in the fort as well as the lake, it can be a tough and hectic task to get it done in one day shoot. You need a full-proof time management plan in order to the result.

3. Distance Matters

Distance can be an issue since it is 170 kms from Delhi. But it obviously depends upon every individual couple´s choice. But anyway it is going to be tiring at the end of the day. So keep in mind!

4. Don’t Over-imagine!

The location is not huge and maintained as ITC Manesar or Fairmont, so think wisely while choosing. You will not get that lavishness and royal palace like the other locations.Although every place has its own uniqueness and qualities, it upon you that what is your taste



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