Best 6 Places in Kerala for Pre Wedding Shoot

May 8, 2022


Known as the God’s Own Country or Land of God, Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of India. The kind of beauty that cannot be truly admired through the photographs but it can surely make your pre wedding shoot one of a kind by providing number of beautiful backgrounds and beaches and waterfalls. Though there are many places in Kerala for pre wedding shoot but the following are the best places for a trip cum pre wedding shoot.


Alleppey, which is also known as Alappuzha, is situated in Kerala; the southern state of India. Alleppey or Alappuzha is not only famous for the natural beauty but also is the administrative headquarters of the district and also the third most literate district in Kerala. In fact its beauty remains intact because of the cleanliness measures and rated as the top cleanest town in India in the year 2016.

There is a lighthouse built on the coast and the coast of the Laccadive Sea is along with it. The surroundings and the internal beauty of the town make Alleppey one of the best laces in Kerala for the pre wedding shoot. The Couples can feel the freshness and enjoy themselves fully.

The happier the couple will be at the pre wedding shoot location, the better they can bring out in their shots.

The backwaters of this town are the most popular sight for the tourists and also the houseboat cruise is one of its attractions. The backwaters, the beaches, the greenery of this town made this town to be called as “Venice of the East” by Lord Curzon.


Famous because of the popular Bekal fort which is built in the shape of a keyhole, Bekal is also a coastal town in the beautiful state of Kerala, situated in the northern Kerala. The towers of the fort are made by red bricks and overlook the Arabian Sea. Bekal is not just known for this fort, which is also shown in many Indian movies, but the beach, the backwaters and the hilly sites of the town makes it worth for the pre wedding shoot.

The famous Bekal fort was built in 17th Century and it’s one boundary is joined with the Mukhyaprana Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The movies really make the places more and more attractive. Also, Bekal is one of the top 10 destinations to visit in Kerala because of its natural beauty and these elements add on to the desire of getting a pre wedding shoot in Bekal.


One of the major cities in India, Kochi (also known as Cochin), lies on the south west coast in the country adjoining the Laccadive Sea. Kochi or Cochin is also called the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” because of the historical legacy that is still maintained by the town.

The spice trade of Kochi is famous since the 14th century with many merchants of pre Islamic era.

It is also the first town to be occupied by the Dutch and the British invaders which made the Town , a princely state too. The town comes on rank 6 when we talk about the top destinations to visit in India and it also acquires the highest number of local and foreign tourists in Kerala.

The fame and popularity make the town pre wedding shoot appropriate. As it is not just for the shoot but the couple can have a little tour and outing planned in this manner. It attracts the couple and also the natural availability of backwaters and beaches make it the right place for couples pre wedding photographs and videos.


A village located on the Vembanad Lake, in the South of the Country. The backwaters and the canals make Kumarakom one of the popular places in Kerala. Kumarakom is also a Bird Sanctuary which is also a place where many species of Cuckoos and the Siberian Storks.

Kumarakom is mostly famous because of its backwaters and the lake surrounded by the hotels that provide the many facilities, like boating and fishing. The lake can be shot in panoramic view and can be proved as one of the attractive backdrop for the pre wedding shoots.

Not just the lake but also the nearby Waterfall and the rubber plantation give a wonderful photography experience. Also, the Ancient Thazhathangady Mosque is located on the  east side of Kumarakom where the couple can go and explore the town.


Though there are many locations in India for pre wedding shoot but this is a town that is located in the Western Ghats of the southern state of India, Munnar is a hill station and historically, the former resort of the British Raj Elite. The beauty of the place is much more fantastic than it is shown in the pictures and perfect for the pre wedding shoot and the couple.

It takes you away from your daily routine of the metro city and brings you in the nature’s lap.

It is famous for the tea plantation on the slopes of the hills and the greenery and freshness provided by it.

The plantation being initiated by the British officer who found that Munnar has the slopes appropriately designed for the tea plants. It is also shown in the Bollywood movie; Chennai Express.

There is also a national park names Eravikulam National Park which is a also a home for the endangered Nilgiri Tahr (also known as the mountain goat).

The place has many other attractions as well like The Lakkam Waterfalls and the Anamudi Peak which is 2,695m tall. The name Munnar means “three rivers” and believed that it refers to the three rivers located there; the Mudhirapuzha River, the Nallathanni River and the Kundaly River.


A city known for its dedication to the holy sites and the colorful and exciting festivals, Thrissur is located in Kerala, the southern state of India. This relevance can easily be brought by the name of the city itself, which implies “The City or Town with the name of Lord Shiva”.

It was also known as the “Vrishabhadripuram” which means the “Kailsam of the South” in ancient days.

This connectivity to the sacredness makes the city a place of God’s and what is better place than this before beginning a new journey of life? The place has three temples to visit and the scenic beauty to be used as the background attractions for the Pre Wedding Videos and Photographs.

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