Best 15 Getting Ready Poses For Groom

May 14, 2022

Getting Ready Poses For Groom | Indian Wedding Groom Photography

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of an individual. Marriage is important as it binds two people into a lifetime commitment. Whether its a Bride or Groom, wedding is equally important for both. To capture their beautiful moments, people hire professional photographers.


To capture all the beautiful details, a lots of planning and time is required, from clicking the pictures of the guests to the dance performances and the most important part, the getting ready pictures of Bride and Groom. People often put most of the focus on the bride, but groom is equally important part of the pictures. With most of attention on Bride, photographer should equally pay attention to the groom also. One way to get the best pictures of the groom is to capture the Best Getting Ready Poses for Groom.


Wedding photography is important as it captures every minute details of the special day and also captures the memories that have some stories that you will never forget. It is like one special day and lots of memories. It is not just about capturing the moments, it is also about capturing the emotions of the people present there, the family and friends of the couple.

Here are some of the Best Getting Ready Poses For Groom, so that one should know that Groom getting ready pictures are totally different from the brides.


Best 15 getting Ready Poses For Groom

Taking last shower of singlehood

The first pose for the groom should be the pose while taking shower. This one is like the last shower of Singlehood for groom.


Groom standing under the shower and giving the poses is the best way to take this shot.


Sherwani – Before Getting Ready

The snap of Sherwani or Suit , that groom is going to wear can be one of the nice clicks. As it will show the details of the Groom’s outfit.

You can also add the other details of the groom in the pictures whatever he will be wearing and the things that will go on the groom’s look before getting married. Capturing even the tiniest details will be the perfect idea.

Having fun with Groomsmen

Don’t forget about the brother(Best friends). Make sure to get some playful and fun shots of the groom and his groomsmen. It will surely add fun in the pictures and the moments that groom will always remember.


Capturing the fun moments of groom with groomsmen while getting ready is the most perfect way of taking the candid pictures and can be counted in the list of getting ready poses of groom.


Groom getting his makeup done by the makeup artist can be a nice pose and it can be captured in a Beautiful way.

Groom can have fun while getting his makeup done and even his friends can join him to make the clicks better.

Tying a Tie

While getting ready, tying a tie is sometimes little bit problematic and that’s when the photographer should capture the moment. These shots are very common but one can give the poses in many different ways.

Groom can also pose while wearing the tie and photographer can click that moment when the groom is totally unaware about the shot.

Wearing accessories

Wearing the accessories can also be a good pose and is worth having a place in the list. Groom can give the poses while wearing the other accessories .

Best Mate helping

It is the best mate who will look out for the groom. The moment when the best friend of the groom helps his mate getting ready,


The best shots can be taken at this time. Groom can give poses while his friend is helping him out.

Sister helping her Brother

When she is getting her brother ready, this is the great moment for clicking the pictures.

Father showing Affection

There is something special about the moments with the groom’s father, taking the close up pictures are worth clicking.

  1. Black and white shots

The Black and White shots are always classic and add nice look to the pictures. Reflection shots can also be added,

As these ones are always the best. Photographer should click the side poses of the groom . You can get the best shots when the lighting is perfect.

Tying the knot before tying the knot

The moment when groom is wearing his shoes before going out can be a meticulous idea of getting ready pose.

Moment with Mother

The moment when the mother see her son for the first time after getting ready is the most precious moment and the emotions can be captured beautifully.

The another pose at this moment can be the one when mother applies Kala tikka to her son. These are the moments worth cherishing for the lifetime.

Few Drinks with Friends

A little something special for special day will be a nice idea. Groom is nervous on this day, so some shots of beer or wine can do wonders and can make him relaxed.

It will be easier to shoot plus he can give the best poses without any worries. Also it gives a memorable click.

Final touch

The last few steps in the getting ready session can be captured dramatically with the help of using some nice photography techniques and using the good background.

The candid picture at this moment can capture the mood and atmosphere of one of the most exciting moments of Groom’s life.

Walk with Groomsmen

This is the final walk of groom as a bachelor. This is the last step which can be clicked in a nice manner when groom is walking out of the room with his Friends. This moment will capture all the emotions of the groom.



This was the perfect sequenced list of Getting Ready Poses For Groom, from which you can take idea of creating an album of Groom getting ready.

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