May 28, 2022

Lanterns add a very sophisticated look to all types of weddings be it a day wedding or an evening cocktail ceremony. You can use different types of lanterns for every type of décor from adding it to your entranceways or using it for dine table or even as a center piece or a hanging. A lantern actually defines the aesthetics of the wedding décor. Here are some creative ideas that can actually help you whether your style is vintage, rustic, romantic, glamorous or chic. To put it simple, using lanterns as one of the prop for wedding decor is the easiest and is always in your budget.


The Cocktail Night

Cocktail night is one of those nights where you connect to your loved ones and have a glamorous evening to forever remember. If you’re on a lookout to add a simple but classy charm to your wedding cocktail night, this ones for you.

The Romantic touch

To add a romantic feel to the wedding day here’s a simple touch of gold and silver. Fill a gold and a silver lantern with soft candles that can be used as a hanging centre pieces.

Vintage Rustic Decor

Vintage style lanterns add a very rustic chic wedding theme. We loved this idea and it is actually the best if you want your wedding theme to stand out. Remember, if you want to create a more specific look you can always add flowers, candles or same colour lanterns.

Effortless Look

To create a more modern and sleek look, add some simple metallic lanterns for your wedding day or even the engagement ceremony. If you can’t of think what will give it a more attractive look, you can always add some yellow light to it.

The White Party

Jazz up an all white lantern with a splash of green or with soft candles or even flowers and modern square vases. A white lantern be it of any shape can add an extraordinary look to your wedding decor.

The Chromatic Colours

Always go for bold colour theme to bring out the natural tint that can be seen at a beach wedding. You can use a plain white or a black lamp to add different colour contrast to your wedding theme.

All Decked Up

If you want to forget the minimal and simple look, you can always choose to add a splash of gold for winter weddings or wedding receptions. The colour gold evokes a winter wedding feeling and adds warmth to your wedding day.


For more pre wedding, wedding decor and other wedding decor related ideas you can always consult our team. Go ahead and plan your big day, we are here to help you with more unique and classy ideas using minimal props for the wedding decor.



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