5 Types of Wedding Films

May 20, 2022

Different Types Of Wedding Films

Union of two souls; Ceremony of celebrations; A Wedding. We can never talk enough about the magnificence and importance of a wedding. These days weddings are so much more than just getting married. However, the customs and traditions may vary vastly but Wedding Film remains a constant for the big day. Filming a wedding is a classical concept, however the scope of creativity and videography has progressed with the evolving trends. The wedding films are not only restricted to the big day, there is a lot that has transformed over the years.


You might want to get cliché with your wedding, or would like to keep it simple and charismatic, in respect to keep up with the trends and nudging deep into creativity, the world of wedding films has a lot to propose. You certainly would not like to miss out on the latest inventions to amplify the grandeur of your big day.


Mentioned below are Types of Wedding Films, that you can ask your videographer to include for your wedding :

1) Pre-Wedding

A Pre-Wedding Shoot is usually done a month prior to the wedding. Pre-Wedding as the name speaks for itself, is a way to establish a relationship  showcasing stories, emotions and sentiments. The couple is expected to communicate their sensitivity and express the charm of love. Pre-wedding shoot is liberated of too many people, the couple can voice their intimacy without being cautious of getting eyes on them.


It is another way to escape the restlessness between the photographer and the couple on the wedding day, in case the team is going to be the same.


A Pre-Wedding shoot can be as creative and innovative as the couples expect it to be. It can majorly be of two types:

(i) Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is the most memorable way to cherish the ecstasy of the moments forever. Pre-Wedding Photoshoots help the couples to engage into each other a little more. It also expects the couple and the photographer to explore locations, outfits as per the comfort of both. Pre-Wedding pictures turns dreams into reality. A romantic reality in front of the eyes for infinity.

Pre wedding Portfolio

(ii) Pre-Wedding Video

A Pre-Wedding Video is the trending addition to the weddings. It is absolutely  surreal and unreal. It’s an extravagant attempt to get the couples more dramatic with acting. It is a film directed to showcase the love of the wed-to-be. It can be grand and adventurous. Pre-Wedding Films are often displayed on the wedding day for the family and guests. It looks extremely romantic and intimate.

2) Full Wedding Films

As mehndi and Sangeet continues to be the two rituals of a wedding, so is a wedding film. A full wedding film is made to cover all the moments of the ceremonies. It is real and candid. The videographers shoot the moments of the wedding and combine it in one full wedding film. The couples can relive their big day anytime in their lives, from chachis and massis to drunk uncles, the guests and majorly themselves, no one misses to be the part of the wedding film.

A good wedding film wants all the nits and grits of the ceremonies, combined beautifully by the videographers.

3) Wedding Film Teasers

The idea has been extracted from cinema. A teaser is an attempt to create a rift of  anticipation and arise curiosity for the further release of the full wedding film. As weddings continue to be grand and lavish, people often wait for the full wedding film to relive those memories again


A Wedding Film Teaser is an abstract of the full wedding film. It is not precise like the wedding film, it is rather an encapsulation of the entire wedding. A full wedding film is way too long and into the moment, a Wedding Film Teaser is short and emotionally moving. Summarizing the full wedding film into a 4-5 minutes, Wedding Teaser is preferred to have a quick glimpse of the wedding these days.

4) Save The Date Videos

Wedding invitation looks more visual and appealing with the Save The Date Wedding Videos. Save The Date Video is a modern approach to reveal the wedding date, that can be easily sent to the guests over the internet, they are trouble free and facile.

Save The Date Videos can be made creative and poetic. Mostly couples like to be the part of this video to make it more bewitching and inviting. Otherwise, there are varied concepts of Save The Date Videos that the couples can choose for themselves. It adds newness to the wedding and with intriguing concepts; it can be fascinating, most of the times.

Save The Date GIF’S

A new entry in the concepts of Save The Date Videos is Save The Date GIF which is so unique and cannot be missed at all. It is so different and moving. It deserves a place in your wedding for sure.



5) Wedding Invites

The days are gone when inviting people for the wedding, was a long and stressful thing to do. These days when the world is absolutely digital, Wedding Invitations had to be digital too. Create wedding invitations from photos and videos; get as creative and as customized you can be with your Wedding Invitations. Choose the invites or customize accordingly, Wedding Invite Videos is your way to an effortless wedding.


WhatsApp your Wedding Invitation Videos to the guests, it is feasible and pleasing to the eyes.


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