Parameters for Pricing for 3D Animation Companies in Delhi

May 18, 2022

Pricing Parameters for 3D Animation Companies in Delhi. Why is it better to know?

What is your earliest memory of a 3D movie? Jurassic Park maybe?  What made it realistic, CGI (Computer Generated Images) and the countless hours of work and devotion put into it. Simply put 3D animation is a motion picture intensifying the illusion of depth. This is accomplished through the process of stereoscopic photography.


3D animation companies in Delhi have made a huge leap since the last decade, for instance take the example of the animators in famous TV shows such as Game of Thrones for one, yes an Indian company made the dragons you love.


Is 3D animation a normal film?

Basically it is made using a series of still images, remember those flip book animations? 3D animation takes inspiration from that idea where the animator uses the still images to create an illusion of motion.


Making an animation in 3D  includes costs varying from sometimes modest to rather ludicrous amounts. But there is an honest truth behind this as its not as simple as a flip book animation and might, will take hours and  manpower to make your animated movie or show, ads perfect to the last detail.


Parameters that decide the pricing of a 3D video

3D animation companies in Delhi set rates for the 3D video as and according to certain specifications and parameters that you the consumer must consider before reaching a consensus with the vendor and they start work on the 3D video.

(A) Complexity of the Product: Is the key message is about a simple product or to describe a process?

This part takes into account the processes such as editing which will dictate the style to use in making of the video, what all possible aspects should it include to account for as the key message (s) that you hope to convey through the video.


Coffee Cup 3D Video (Simple)

Car Engine 3D Video (Complex)

(B) Duration of the video: Pricing of your video primarily depends here on the length of the video, 3D animation companies in Delhi or anywhere else are bound by law to disclose you the facts but as a consumer, it is your responsibility to stay informed. These facts could include them if they charge by the minute or any other method.

However, if the video in question is complex then nature of its complexity is given priority and the duration is the next on the list when calculating the price.


(C) Licensing/ Copyright Costs: Is that song or movie scene you like a intellectual property, trademark of some person, company, enterprise? This brings about whether you’d like to do away with that feature completely or go ahead ask for the right to use the said feature. 3D animation companies have to be informed beforehand so the necessary legalities are met.

3D animation – Characters

(D) 3D Character – Simplistic and Realistic: Is your video going to need more display or explanation related effects, meaning does it need animated characters, basic ones like walking around or highly detailed characters? One is a task which can be done within a specified time limit with little to no delay while the latter requires careful detailing and bound to run into complications. Don’t hold your breath, you will get your desired product at the end of the day (s).


3D animation – A Comparison

(E) Process Driven/Product Describing/Character Driven video: 3D animation companies in Delhi tend to ask whether you want to showcase a said product/service, or describe what goes into making that product/service, in your video. Its impact in pricing varies as a simple product description is more easier to make while a process explaining video include minute details requiring careful planning and execution. Character driven videos have simplistic or realistic special effects which are meant to play an integral part of the video.

Process Driven 3D video

Character Driven 3D video

(F) Format:  The 3D animation video is compatible to be played in mp4 and MOV formats. What varies is the software, hardware, and equipment used by different 3D production companies who then allocate prices relevant to their needs.

(G) The complexity of the Character: The very essence of a story based 3D video are its characters, from a human-like one to a table stand with the features of a human, the complexity in making them is a make or break factor.


Take for instance the two video shared alongside, while NDTV video has a variety of characters and sequences, the other video made by us is rather simple and relatively free in terms of elements such as another character.


What differentiates these two videos? Simply put, it’s the cost. Where NDTV’s video is roughly around a few lakhs per episode while the character template based video only cost about Rs. 10,000.


So consider all these the factors before demanding a state-of-the-art video for the price of peanuts.


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