Top 10 Kids YouTube Channels of India

May 20, 2022

Kids YouTube Channels :

Ever since YouTube has emerged and become a major platform for entertainment and education, it has targeted audiences of all the ages. Kids YouTube channels have gained popularity  in the recent past due to it’s objective to upskill the little ones and making them learn things in a fun and entertaining manner. It is a great medium to educate children. These channels have animated versions of nursery rhymes, fairy tales  and also contain kids cartoon series.


ChuChu Tv

Number of Views : 9,71,193,727

Number of Subscribers : 10,173,051

Oomph factor :  This Kids Entertainment channel was founded by Vinoth Chandhar and garnered fame just in a span of 24 months. Based in Chennai, it is the third most subscribed channel of the country. It receives 200 million views per month on an average, it’s video ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa And Many More Videos’ has earned more than one billion views by now, it is not only the top children’s channel in India but also in Asia- Pacific. It basically focuses on building up a loyal and engaged audience, polishing it’s videos by giving weightage to quality and positive messaging.



CVS 3D Rhymes

Number of Views :  4,895,588,105

Number of Subscribers :  5,691,925

Oomph factor :  This children’s channel turned out to be a popular hit due it’s expertise in producing realistic animation videos. Head quartered in Daravaram, Chagalu mandal, W.G District, Andhra Pradesh, not only produces nursery rhymes for children but also devotional albums. Apart from using English as the primary language, it broadcasts it’s videos in a number of regional Indian languages as well.


Video Gyan 3D Rhymes – Nursery Rhymes For Children

Number of Views :  3,658,107,753

Number of Subscribers :  4,423,039

Oomph factor : Video Gyan has competence in the field of creating proficient 2D and 3D animated videos and describes itself as ‘learning through media’,  which is truly a remarkable feature brought to the people by today’s modern technology. The channel believes in building a unique relationship with their audience by bringing kindergarten at their doorstep and focuses on producing rich quality and reliable content.



Turtle Interactive

Number of Views :  663,252,846

Number of Subscribers :  675,725

Oomph factor : Turtle Interactive started with it’s YouTube Channel back in 2012 and has garnered more than 650 million total views  ever since then. Head quartered in Mumbai, focuses in creating entertainment videos that are aimed to be viewed globally. It has produced a number of children’s songs and animated episodes.


Green Gold

Number of Views :  585,210,954

Number of Subscribers :  936,157

Oomph factor :  Green Gold has released a number of animated series such as Chota Bheem and Chorr Police which are also featured on leading kids channels like Pogo, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, Hungama  and Disney Channel, and has drawn an immense amount of attention. It quotes to establish itself as a ‘leading player in Licensing & Merchandising, Movie Production & Distribution, Digital Business, Retail Stores and Events’. It was founded by Rajiv Chilaka and was started in July, 2011.



Number of Views :   562,268,857

Number of Subscribers :  570,826

Oomph factor : eDewcate is an e-learning channel and has expanded itself covering  diverse fields apart from children’s learning video,  varying  from cooking to computer science to human anatomy as well as stock markets.  They believe in building quality content to attract audiences, they target to enrapture kids in the age group of 2-8 years. This channel provides compilations of English, Hindi, Telugu, French and Spanish nursery rhymes.


Jingle Toons

Number of Views : 534,574,354

Number of Subscribers : 1,292,960

Oomph Factor : Although, Jingle Toons was established in 2002, it launched it’s Youtube channel  in January, 2013. Apart from entertaining the children, they also focus on inculcating eternal values of Indian Culture. Jingle Toons is available in 6 different languages today. It’s head office is based Aurangabad, Maharashtra under the name Jingle toons Aniskool Pvt Ltd.  It covers categories such as ‘Nursery & Pre-school’, ‘Educational’, ‘English Story Time’, ‘Geography with Fun’, ‘Science with Fun’, ‘Knowledge Bank’  etc. It also contains videos in Gujarati and Marathi.


Shemaroo Kids

Number of Views : 270,975,481

Number of Subscribers :  436,433

Oomph Factor :  Shemaroo Kids has transpired to become a smasher on YouTube in the field of children’s  entertainment. It has launched it’s children’s YouTube series called ‘The Hive’ and also contains tutorials of ‘How to Draw’ certain objects or animals such as tiger, turtle, etc. These tutorials guide children in improving their creativity skills by simplifying the methods to draw typical things. It has released a number of nursery rhymes videos and has also launched a Hindi version of their channel.


Geethanjali Kids – Rhymes and Stories

Number of Views :  132,280,907

Number of Subscribers :  154,821

Oomph factor : Geethanjali Kids has released it’s own set of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, lullabies etc. It has released videos covering almost all the previously mentioned categories, from Cinderella to Thumbelina. It has covered nearly all the classic fairy tales and believes in presentation and quality. It possesses the trait to present the story in a simple yet unique manner, this trait makes the channel stand out from the rest.



Kids TV India Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Number of Views : 113,470,487

Number of Subscribers :  281,756

Oomph Factor : Kids TV India was founded by Uday Singh Phoolka in 2013, and comes under the USP Studios which also owns a number of other channels . This studio has produced content in more than 28 languages. Kids TV India has released animated videos both in Hindi as well as English and puts effort to retain the magic of classic Hindi Nursery Rhymes such as ‘Chanda Mama’, ‘Titli Rani Badi Sayani’ and many more.


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