Tips And Tricks For Drone Photography

May 20, 2022

Drone Photography

A drone in scientific terms is an unmanned aircraft. Also termed as a flying robot,  it is usually controlled manually by an operator or through software controlled flight plans in their embedded systems, that work together with GPS. Photography has seen a dynamic change over the last decade. People now demand different ways to make there memories everlasting and hence want there photographs to standout of the crowd. Drone photography is one such tool that can beat them all. These photographs are taken from air. Normally, these photographs are taken vertically from an aircraft using highly accurate camera which makes them noteworthy.

Drone photography essentials

Before we actually begin with the photography , we must decide on a number of things to get it done with perfection.


  • Learn how to fly- Before you get your hands on the device, make sure you have you have enough information up your sleeve to handle one. Learning how to fly won’t hold you back from talking amazingly impressive shots from different angles. Also, controlling your craft skillfully would mean that you have got the knack of flying safely and prevent it from doing any damages.


  • Know the weather – Don’t just head out straight away feeling confident that you would be able to get the best of shots. Know what kind of weather you will have the entire day, because it may not be possible for you to get what you expect if it is not on your side.


  • Consider lightning and shadows- Just as a consideration that is associated with regular photography , they are also extremely important with aerial or drone photography. Too many photographers neglect it when they get there hands on drone. But shadows are an important aspect for perfect shots . Do, consider the respective positions of the sun and the moon and in the direction they cast shadow and at what time of the day.


  • Plan a good location- Safety is the major consideration that we prefer while selecting the location. Ideally the location should not be crowded, the less the number of people the less chances of someone getting hurt. Avoid flying it near helipads , airports and other sensitive areas.

  • Set the right shutter speeds – Finding the right shutter speed for your aerial captures is important. A camera attached drone is a moving object and because of it many more considerations come along with it. While most consider the fast shutter speeds some want it slow to capture blur and creative images.


  • Fly manual mode- Fancy flying your drone manually. It will give positioning and angling your drone for the perfect shots. With all other modes available you won’t enjoy 100 percent control.


  • Capture different types of aerial photo- Master your skills and capture different types of drone photographs.
  1. Oblique- Photo captured using the down angle.
  2. Vertical -Photographs taken from vertically above the said object.
  3. Wide-shot- A capture of an object in context with its immediate surroundings.
  4. Panorama: A horizontal, wide shot of a large area. Often, stitching of two of more carefully taken images of adjacent areas is done to produce the effect.

Most Popular Drone Photography uses

1)  Wedding drone photography-


Not every opportunity in life offers a second chance and so some of these must be capitalized and tailor made to perfection. Wedding amongst the most celebrated occasions marks the beginning for a new phase of life and who doesn’t want just the perfect shots on that day.

Drone photography just adds the punch to make it super special. It offers everything couple want from there first look , to first dance etc.. Every single of these is given the aerial view to make celebration look absolutely exceptional. The video here is a sample of how each and every moment is made special using the drone.


2) Drone in sports-


As we endeavor into the depths of sports photography, we realize how things have changed over the years. Earlier using helicopters “burnt a hole in pocket”.  Now, drones have certainly replaced them and are here to stay for our good.

Using drones has a clear advantage over helicopters, while they were not able to provide the closer shot of the action due to security reasons. Drones can go real close to the action. Hence, providing best views and that too pretty efficiently. Adventure sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking and surfing are the latest sports to gain major drone attraction. Here is the video that shows BMX event through a drone.


3) Drone while travelling –


Hiking through the rough Grand Canyon. Trekking up the trails of beautiful Himalayan Ranges. Scaling the Siachen Glacier. What do we all want? Well, all we want is to capture these beautiful scenic views that make us feel “thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Trekking for countless hours makes photo/video gear a mere necessity. A device portability and preciseness are two factors every traveler dreams of. Drone delivers exactly what’s asked for. Drone photography while travelling adds cheery on the cake and who doesn’t like one.

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