4 Pros and Cons of Digital Wedding Invites

January 28, 2023
Wedding invites are an important part of a wedding. They are like a teaser for your wedding and create lasting impressions. But what type of wedding invites should you opt for? Digital or Traditional?

4 Pros and Cons of Digital Wedding Invitations

With the advent of the digital age, many people are choosing digital wedding evites over their traditional paper equivalent. The lockdown only served to exacerbate this. If you're considering digital wedding invites, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few of the reasons why online wedding invitations have grown so popular over the years:

4 Pros of Digital Wedding Invites

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  • They are reasonably priced.

Traditional invitation suites might eat up a significant portion of your wedding money. You’ll need to budget for paper, printing, and shipping, not to mention extras like pocket cards and return envelopes. It might even cost extra for quality calligraphy! But going with digital wedding invitations will save you all these expenses!

  •   They are an environmentally friendly alternative.

Digital wedding invitations are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wedding invitations. It should come as no surprise that wedding invites normally include the envelope, the invitation, and, in many cases, the wedding RSVP card, as well as an attachment with wedding weekend specifics. That’s a lot of paper, and while there are greener options (like as recycled paper invites), nothing is more sustainable and environment friendly than digital wedding invites.

  • You Have the Option to Avoid Printing Delays.

In rare circumstances, printing delays might cause irritation and delay in disseminating crucial information about your event. Your digital wedding invites are easily delivered with a single click and should arrive directly from your computer into your guests’ inboxes (and not into the spam folder).

  • They will not be misplaced or damaged.

When sending traditional invites through the mail, there is always the possibility that they will be lost or destroyed due to circumstances beyond your control. Digital invites, on the other hand, will be emailed straight to your guests, leaving you with one less thing to be concerned about.


Now that we have discussed the pros of digital wedding invites, we can move on to talking about their cons.

4 Cons of Digital Wedding Invites

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  • They are less conventional.

Digital wedding invites are unquestionably a non-traditional choice. Online invitations may not be the ideal option for you if you prefer that your guests get a printed invitation in the mail or if you want to set a more formal tone for your wedding.

  • You can’t save the wedding invite!

One of the finest features of a wedding scrapbook or framed collage is having your invitation as a keepsake. You may, of course, print off your wedding evite, but the memento aspect of a traditional wedding invitation is unique. Couples frequently frame the envelope and the contents, such as the RSVP card or a special stamp, alongside the invitation. This isn’t quite achievable with digital wedding invites, no matter how you look at it.

  • Certain guests may not be tech-savvy.

According on your guest list, some of your loved ones may not know how to access the digital invitations, especially senior people. Certain guests may struggle with digital invites and the online RSVP procedure, so consider sending them an invitation or interacting with them over the phone.

  • The Actual Arrival

Nothing beats receiving your gorgeous wedding invites in the mail or going to your relatives’ homes to personally deliver the invitation. It’s extremely great to have something concrete where you can see you and your future spouse’s names, the location where you’ll marry, and the date that will soon become your anniversary. Although receiving a digital invitation is great, it is difficult to replicate the sensation of physically holding the invitation.

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After considering all these options, If you decide to go with the much simpler and environmental friendly option of digital wedding invites then look no further. VideoTailor has many options for digital wedding invites available and will help you find the perfect design with unique quirks for your wedding invitations. And if you’re looking for songs for your digital invites then make sure to check out our blog on it! If you liked this blog then make sure to check our instagram as well!

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