Top 10 themes for Pre-wedding shoot

May 22, 2023
pre weedding shoot theme

Pre-wedding shoots are fun, but the planning stage is equally exhausting. One of the first tasks while planning a pre-wedding shoot is to decide what kind of shoot you want. This means choosing a theme for your pre-wedding shoot. Whether you want a luxurious photoshoot or want to go with a cute and simple option, you might have some idea in your mind about what kind of photographs you wish to get. Deciding on a theme will help you finalise a complementing location, props, and outfits. To make your work easier, we have a list of themes that you can choose from for your pre-wedding shoot.

Lights, Camera, Love: Pre-Wedding Filmy Fun!

If you are a filmy couple and share your love for movies, then this theme is perfect for you. Recreate scenes or songs from your favorite movies for your pre-wedding photo shoot. You can also recreate movie posters. Try to include the same locations and props to add to the drama.

Video Tailor prewedding filmy theme
Video Tailor prewedding royal theme

 Inner Royalty in Pre-Wedding Royalty Theme

Do you want to incorporate majestic and grand vibes into your pre-wedding shoot? Then this theme is just for you. To add to the grandeur, pick a location that suits the theme, such as a fort. You’ll find plenty of royal locations in Rajasthan. Moreover, go for ethnic outfits and jewellery, such as colorful lehengas and sherwanis. You can even go with some grand interiors and wear long gowns paired with tuxedos.

3. Minimalist theme

Another well-liked trend among couples who don’t want anything overly extravagant is minimalism. You can take minimalistic photographs almost anywhere with a basic setup. It can be a beach, a building, a street, or even your home. Don some casual outfits that complement your location, and you are good to go.

Video Tailor prewedding minimalist theme
Video Tailor prewedding miniature theme

4. Miniature theme

This is another trending and super unique theme for couples who want to do something different for their pre-wedding shoots. You and your significant other will be turned into tiny people in gigantic surroundings by the photographer. Go for this theme if you want some cute and goofy photographs.

 Pre-Wedding Nostalgia with a Vintage Twist!

The vintage theme is the best pick for couples who want to give a rustic vibe to their pre-wedding photographs. Adding some vintage props, such as a vintage car, violin, or gramophone, will help add drama to your photos. Try to find outfits that have a more vintage look and complement your theme and location.

Video Tailor prewedding vintage theme
Video Tailor prewedding date theme

6. Picnic/date theme

Another cute idea for a pre-wedding shoot is to have a picnic or date theme. An adorable setup with some fairy lights and props would look just beautiful.

Elegance in Monochrome

The classic black-and-white theme can never go out of style. We would suggest you wear the traditional white dress if you are going with this theme to get that monochromatic look for your pre-wedding shoot.

Video Tailor prewedding black and white theme
Video Tailor prewedding nostalgic theme

8. Nostalgic theme

Want to recreate some special moments with your beloved? Perhaps your first date or your first kiss? You can do that by choosing the same locations and the same outfits. What’s better than reliving those moments and capturing them forever?

9. Fairytale theme

Want to fulfil your dream of being clicked with your prince charming? Then opt for the fairytale theme for your pre-wedding shoot. Hop in those beautiful long princess gowns with a dreamy setup to give some cute Disney feels to your photographs.

Video Tailor prewedding fairytale theme
Video Tailor prewedding traditional theme

10. Traditional theme

If you are old school and want to add traditional vibes to your pre-wedding photographs, then you must not think twice. The traditional theme has its own beauty. Don your traditional costumes and strike a pose. Plus point – your family will love it too!

These were the 10 best themes that we think are going to amp up your pre-wedding shoot game, and you’ll love the whole experience. There are a lot more themes that you can check out, or maybe create your own. The bottom line is that you should have fun with your significant other and get some great photos at the end of the day. Happy pre-wedding!

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