Pose along with the squad on your Wedding Photoshoot: groomsmen edition.

August 27, 2023
Wedding Photoshoot with Groomsmen
Wedding Photoshoot with Groomsmen

The notorious squad of yours is the best support system of your life. The craziness these boys help you with makes your adrenaline rush in your body and sometimes want to do the most disastrous actions mankind has ever witnessed.

How can you forget your group of Satans when you are making the decision to spend the rest of your life with that special one?  Irrespective of your wish to invite them to your wedding, they will be gracing you with their presence. Hence you must Celebrate your bond while giving these poses along with your gang.


If you leave your boys unattended or without any duties even for a second, they are definitely going to plot something outrageous against you, hence tag them along with you while you are getting ready. Ask them to help you out getting ready and pose along with those actions. Ask them to make you wear your court, the other adjusting your necktie or bow, the other two fixing your cufflinks. You are definitely going to realize how much they really adore your existence while posing along with them while you are getting ready.



Appoint your groomsmen as your secret agents to provide you with extra security for today. Ask them to assist you with z-security.  For this pose, you need to lead your squad standing in between your boys. Ask them to face their back to the camera and pretend to preach to the gang about any plan you are going to execute. The results are going to be worthy of your smiles. Remember to ask them to either stand at ease or in an attention position to create the drama that everyone wants.




Some memories are worth preserving. Assemble your Avenger squad and flaunt your style posing like a bunch of vogue cover models. You can even use glares along to rock your stills. This pose will outsmart the bridesmaids and make them envy your bond. The groomsmen must tilt their faces across the camera in the direction they are standing. The groom can pose by fixing the buttons of the tux or adjusting the cufflinks. 



Introduce your groomsmen in your couple of pictures as well. The idea is not as disastrous as it sounds, believe it. In fact, you should take advantage of your special day and make them do some funny poses that are full of smiles and giggles. You can even tag the bride squad along to diversify a little.


Of Course, being the protagonist leading the movie today, you have to make a blockbuster entrance in order to make your presence known. These moments must be created to make you admire at the later stage of your life. You can pose this army pose by tagging some of your female friends as well who walk beside you to maybe holding some props or flowers. You can even hold your rings on the plater to make a little personal effect. 

Wedding Photoshoot with Groomsmen

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